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Playstation VR2: All information about the innovative virtual reality system

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Playstation VR2: All information about the innovative virtual reality system

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  • With the Playstation VR2, Sony has launched another VR system.
  • It is specially adapted for the Playstation 5 so that you can immerse yourself in exciting VR worlds with OLED display, 3D audio, haptic feedback and more.
  • We have all the information about Playstation VR2 – and show you what the device can do compared to its predecessor.

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Playstation VR2 is the name of the new virtual reality system that was specially developed for the Playstation 5. It can be played with “Horizon: Call of the Mountain”. With the VR offshoot of “Horizon: Zero Dawn” and “Horizon: Forbidden Forest” fans have the opportunity to delve even deeper into the game world.

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New virtual reality system for Playstation 5

The VR system Playstation VR (PS VR for short), which came onto the market in 2016, has already been sold over six million times – this means that around five percent of Playstation 4 owners have one at home. In principle, you can play with it on the Playstation 5, but Playstation VR2 (PS VR2 for short) has of course been adapted to the performance of the new console. The new system with a further developed headset and a completely redesigned controller helps you to experience an even more intensive gaming experience.

What does Playstation VR2 look like?


The rounder design is striking compared to the previous model. However, elements such as the headband and the position of the headphone jack were adopted from the variant for the Playstation 4. And the adjustable visor is also making a comeback.

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Another new feature is the lens adjustment wheel, which offers wearers another option for adjusting the distance between the lens and their eyes. We can also look forward to a slimmer design and a slight reduction in weight. In addition, a motor for headset feedback has been integrated, which is a unique feature in VR headsets that is modeled on the Dualsense controller. For example, if an arrow rushes past you in the game, you will notice this through tactile vibrations on the headset.

Playstation VR2 can do that


With Playstation VR2 you can expect improved image quality, sensors and user-friendliness. These are the facts about the VR system:

  • OLED-Display with 2000 x 1040 pixels, 4K HDR resolution, 110 degree field of view and a refresh rate of 90 to 120 Hertz
  • Four integrated cameras for tracking movement and changes in perspective
  • Integrated motors for sensory feedback as with the DualSense controller
  • 3D-Audio per Tempest 3D Audiotech
  • PS VR2 Sense-Controller with adaptive trigger, haptic feedback and finger touch recognition
  • Easier start-up of the PS VR2 system for example by using a single cable
  • culvert viewwith which you not only see the game in the glasses, but also the real environment
  • staked out play area: To protect breakable items, you can stake out a play area. If you hit the limits of the area in reality, the glasses warn you. The areas can of course be changed at any time.

That’s how much the gaming experience improves with PS VR2


This makes it clear: Your gaming experience is a lot better with the successor to PS VR. This is mainly due to the field of view and the resolution. Your field of view increases by ten degrees and the resolution is now 4K HDR. The predecessor could “only” shine with Full HD. The other big improvement is literally obvious: the new controller provides haptic feedback. Thus, the virtual reality also reaches your fingers, which makes gaming a lot more exciting. In addition, PS VR2 enables eye tracking. So you should be able to influence the game just by looking.

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First games for PS VR2: “Horizon: Call of the Mountain” and Co.

There are a number of games compatible with Playstation VR2, including shooter The Dark Pictures: Switchback VR, city builder Cities VR – Enhanced Edition, puzzler Hello Neighbor VR: Search and Rescue. and Horizon: Call of the Mountain. In this trailer you can see what it’s like to play a Horizon game in first person:

How much does PS VR2 cost?

Since PS VR2 is significantly better equipped than its predecessor, we have to dig a little deeper for the new model. Since the market launch in February 2023, the price has been an impressive EUR 599.99. At least two of the new controllers are included in the price – with the first VR headset they had to be bought separately. And small in-ear headphones are also included.

Buy Playstation VR2 and games

The new headset will be sold through Playstation Direct. In addition, you can already find bundles with PS VR2 and the game “Horizon: Call of the Mountain” from providers on Ebay. Here, however, the price is still significantly higher than with Playstation Direct.

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