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PlayWay’s ‘Farmer’s Life’ Offers a Charming Farming Sim Experience with a 20% Discount on Steam

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PlayWay’s ‘Farmer’s Life’ Offers a Charming Farming Sim Experience with a 20% Discount on Steam

PlayWay, a renowned game publisher, has recently announced the launch of a new farm life simulation game called “Farmer’s Life.” Developed by Poland’s FreeMind, the game will be available on Steam starting from now. Offering a unique experience, “Farmer’s Life” is set on an abandoned farm in Eastern Europe, post-World War II.

The game allows players to indulge in a leisurely farm life by building houses, tending to crops, and raising various livestock including cattle, sheep, horses, and chickens. The rural setting provides players with an immersive life simulation experience. However, “Farmer’s Life” offers more than just farming and animal husbandry.

Players can embark on thrilling hunting expeditions, venturing into the forest armed with a shotgun to hunt wolves and bears. The collected meat and furs can be utilized for various purposes. Additionally, players can gather mushrooms from the forest to cook delectable dishes or sell them for profit. For those seeking tranquillity, fishing by the river is an option, allowing players to embrace a slower-paced lifestyle.

To enhance the gameplay, the inclusion of vehicles such as cars and motorcycles enables players to navigate the vast farmland efficiently. Alongside the intriguing gameplay mechanics, “Farmer’s Life” boasts a compelling storyline and a plethora of engaging tasks, providing players with a comprehensive gaming experience.

The game also introduces an economic aspect. Players can establish brewing facilities to produce carbonated drinks and sell them to earn money. This income can then be used to hire additional manpower and streamline production. Furthermore, the developers have incorporated various elements like marriage into the game, allowing players to have a richer life experience within the rural simulation.

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“Farmer’s Life” has already been launched on multiple platforms, including Steam, with a tempting 20% discount available until November 3. This limited-time offer presents an excellent opportunity for players to acquire the game at a reduced price. In addition, a game demo is currently available for download on Steam, allowing players to try it out before making a purchasing decision.

Experience the joys and challenges of farm life with “Farmer’s Life” and embark on a journey that will immerse you in a captivating rural world. Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to enjoy a truly unique gaming experience.

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