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Pornhub data: the new iPhone 14 better than adult content

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Pornhub data: the new iPhone 14 better than adult content

The presentation events of the new iPhones attract millions of viewers every year interested in discovering the latest Apple news live. There are those who take half a day off to follow the keynote, leave work early or cancel any appointment. Others, more trivially, pause for sure activities, at least to follow the most important announcements. This is what the statistics recorded by Pornhub during the Apple event on September 7 reveal.

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iPhone 14, today the presentation at the Apple event: Apple Watch Pro and AirPods Pro 2 are also expected

by our correspondent Bruno Ruffilli

To evaluate the fluctuations in traffic on the site during the Apple event, the analysts of the red light site made a comparison between the pages viewed per minute during the keynote and the same time as any Wednesday, taking the average of the data relating to the same. day in the previous four weeks. The data was further filtered and separated between Apple devices and Android devices, to check whether users of Apple’s products were more interested in the event than others.

The most significant drop in traffic was recorded during the presentation of the Apple Watch Ultra, with a -7.4% of visits compared to the average of the same time of day. The reason is that during that portion of the event both iOS and Android users flocked to the keynote. A similar but less important fluctuation was recorded during the presentation of the AirPods and other Apple Watches.

At the time of the launch of the iPhone 14, the drop was less, only -5.6%, because at that point Android users lost interest in the keynote and returned to browse the site in greater numbers. Even when Apple announced one of the most surprising and interesting news, namely the SOS service via satellite, Android users on Pornhub have grown compared to the daily average.

The focus has shifted back to the end of the segment and during the presentation of the iPhone 14 Pro. And to show that the fluctuations are not due to chance, there is the return to normal immediately following the end of the keynote, when the traffic it has realigned itself to the daily average and has actually grown. In addition to demonstrating a wide interest from the public, the numbers of PornHub demonstrate what after all we already knew, namely that in large part it is mainly Apple users who are interested in what happens in Cupertino during the presentation events of new products.


Apple, the iPhone 14 arrives that saves your life

by our correspondent Bruno Ruffilli

This isn’t the first time this has happened: Pornhub’s marketers repeat this type of analysis every year at the September event. Back in 2014, on the occasion of the launch of the iPhone 7, the site had recorded very similar statistics, with a drop during the presentation and then an unusual spike in iOS users immediately after the event.
Putting aside the easy ironies, it’s interesting data: Pornhub is one of the most visited sites in the world and as such is a kind of unusual seismograph of the Web: if something attracts more attention than pornography, in other words, the site is in able to prove it numbers in hand. (a.n.)

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