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Pre-registration is now open for Age of Empires Mobile

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Pre-registration is now open for Age of Empires Mobile

Age of Empires Mobile Launches During New Year, New Age Event

Yesterday, during the New Year, New Age event, World‘s Edge launched Age of Empires Mobile, as reported by Kieran Harris from Gamereactor.cn.

The highly anticipated mobile game is set to recreate the experience that fans are accustomed to on PC and consoles. It will feature fast-paced combat, real-time strategy, base-building, and PvP multiplayer, with controls optimized for mobile devices. Players will have the opportunity to command famous historical leaders like Julius Caesar, King Arthur, Hannibal, Joan of Arc, Cleopatra, and more.

“We grew up playing Age of Empires on PC and believe we can provide a new but equally exciting experience for mobile players,” said Brayden Fan, general manager of Tianmei.

The free game is currently available for pre-registration on both iOS and Android platforms. Although no official release date has been confirmed yet, the iOS page suggests that the game is expected to be launched on August 19, 2024.

Excitement surrounding the game has been building, especially after the release of a new trailer. Players can catch a glimpse of the gameplay on Gamereactor.cn.

Age of Empires Mobile promises to bring a beloved gaming franchise to the mobile platform, offering a fresh and engaging experience for fans everywhere.

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