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Privacy and digital rights? Lack of attention in election programs

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Privacy and digital rights?  Lack of attention in election programs

If our privacy and in general the protection of our rights in the digital age depended only on the promises made by the parties in the electoral campaign, there would be some concern.
The political awareness shown in the various programs on these issues is very low, according to a report published by Privacy Network, an Italian non-profit organization that faces the challenges of technological innovation to ensure respect for privacy and rights Human. The report comes out on the occasion of the Privacy Week, organized by the same Privacy Network in Milan (26-30 September).

«No party does well, on the subject of privacy and digital rights, to read programs; but some do worse than others », comments Diego Dimalta, founding lawyer of Privacy Network.

In detail, these are the issues of the protection of our personal data on large platforms or the defense of our fundamental rights in the face of the advance of artificial intelligence (think of mass surveillance systems, supported for example by automated facial recognition). Or the question of the decisions taken, in critical areas such as health care, with the support of artificial intelligence systems. In essence, it emerges from the report that the Center-Right completely ignores the issue of rights and privacy (at least judging by the published programs).

Programs for digital

«The Right Center, as well as the Third Pole, talks about digital as a tool – almost a magic wand – to solve mostly economic problems – says Dimalta -. In the program of the Democratic Party there is everything. The function of digital as a development engine, but also rights, privacy, artificial intelligence; even cryptocurrencies. The problem is, it’s all put together, confused. Without a clear plan, without a vision. We limit ourselves to saying that we must follow the indications of Europe, in the present norms. It is not enough”.

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The M5S instead focuses above all on the concepts of transparency, civic access, with public data that should be made more accessible to promote citizens’ knowledge and participation. There is no mention of privacy and rights except in passing, “when we promise to write a Charter of digital rights, which is useless: we already have the rules we need; a party should rather say how it intends to implement them, ”says Dimalta.

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