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Prompt Engineering – The AI ​​professionals for companies

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Prompt Engineering – The AI ​​professionals for companies

The rise of Generative AI has created a new job profile: Prompt Engineers. But what exactly do prompt engineers do? Why would every small business hire them and where do they find the right experts for their projects?

The “prompt” is the set of commands that one enters into the respective AI tool in order to get the desired results – so it is the most important communication medium between human and AI. And if you want to get the AI ​​to perform at its best, you have to understand which commands the systems react to best. Regardless of whether you want to create AI-generated text or images, the program requires a text prompt. If these prompts are poorly written, they become time and cost wasters. AI prompt engineers can be the solution here!

What are AI Prompt Engineers and what do they do exactly?

AI prompt engineers or AI prompt editors are experts who specialize in getting the most out of AI-supported applications. You understand:

  • how AI systems work,
  • what information the respective systems have to be fed with, and
  • how to get the results you want with fewer but quality jobs.

Prompt engineers are known as “AI whisperers”. They know that AI models also have trouble making sense of contexts and that, if left unchecked, they will roam and present fiction as solid fact. So they choose the data and formatting that AI tools understand. Then they design and create prompts that AI models can use to train to learn how to perform specific tasks. Prompt engineering is often a technical position that requires a specific set of skills and experience.

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Why should even small businesses rely on the skills of AI prompt engineers?

Although the role of the AI ​​prompt editor is still in its infancy, there are already numerous possible uses for companies.

Prompt engineers can provide similar insights as dozens of data analysts, but at a lower cost. However, some business owners still find it difficult to adapt their processes and operations based on the advice of prompt engineers. Therefore, it is important to have an experienced team with good communication skills to ensure the successful implementation of the recommended strategies.

  • Higher quality of results

Prompt engineers understand how AI systems and models work to create efficiently designed prompts that deliver desired results.

While AI tools are getting smarter, they are still tools—they are unusable without human input. Prompt engineers can help small businesses adopt AI models, bridge the communication gap, and significantly improve their bottom lines.

Part of the job of AI prompt engineers is to automate and streamline specific business processes in the enterprise workflow. This gives employees more time for strategic tasks, leading to greater efficiency and productivity.

  • Improve the customer experience

When companies hire prompt engineers to develop AI systems and other conversational interfaces, they can offer their customers more support and a better customer experience. They feed their virtual assistants or chatbots with the right prompts and responses for fast, customized service and greater customer satisfaction and loyalty.

  • simplify decision making

Companies can make informed decisions based on high-quality data and results from AI models. Prompt engineers develop predictive models that analyze data sets and identify trends or patterns that may not be obvious to data analysts.

  • Expand competitive advantage
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With the right AI tools and prompt engineers, companies gain an advantage over the competition because innovative AI models and solutions make companies stand out from the crowd – especially if they are “early adopters”.

Where can small businesses find AI prompt engineers?

The role of AI prompt engineers is new. So it can be a big challenge to find and hire a suitable team member for the company. In order to recruit the right employees, entrepreneurs should first determine exactly the requirements and qualifications they expect from potential candidates.

For a first step into the world of AI tools or to support existing teams, external experts are often the right choice for companies. They help to find out which projects can be tackled and how and are also available to provide advice with their expert knowledge. In addition, they often offer training for the internal staff so that they can operate the AI ​​solution themselves after the implementation is complete. Alexis Davidson, AI expert, helps companies plan and implement their AI projects: “From the increased inquiries from companies in Germany, I can see that they are interested in integrating AI into their operations, sales and marketing campaigns. The market is evolving fast and entrepreneurs are looking for innovative and quick-to-deploy solutions to differentiate themselves from their competitors.”


The rise of AI tools brings unimagined possibilities and potential – even for small companies. Artificial intelligence can already capture and formulate texts, code or create images. Some of it better, some not so good. For the advanced and professional use of AI, companies must understand how algorithms work. The quality that AI can already achieve today depends, among other factors, above all on the people who operate it – and this is where experts are needed.

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