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PS5 Pro Controller Unboxing DualSense Edge Super Egg Customization Function- ezone.hk – Teaching Evaluation- New Product Test

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PS5 Pro Controller Unboxing DualSense Edge Super Egg Customization Function- ezone.hk – Teaching Evaluation- New Product Test

Game fans may still remember that there were many game controllers from third-party manufacturers in the market, which can provide various customization functions, but in recent years, Playstation players prefer the original controllers. Recently, in response to the demands of professional players, Sony launched the DualSense Edge, which provides powerful customization functions, and there are many options for fine-tuning.

DualSense Edge is the first professional version of the controller launched by the factory. It is said that it was formed by collecting the opinions of a large number of professional players. The overall appearance and feel are very close to Dual Sense, and it is easy to use even if it is switched. As a professional version, DualSense Edge comes with a white shell-shaped storage box, which is convenient for users to carry out for combat, and there is a USB charging opening at the back of the box, which can also be charged when stored.

When you open the storage box, you can see the DualSense Edge body. In terms of basic buttons, compared with the original DualSense, it provides two additional buttons on the back of the machine, allowing players to customize any button commands, such as X, R3, direction. In addition, the factory also specially designed magnetic suction keycaps for these two buttons that can be quickly replaced. One is a semi-circular design, while the other is a longer body with a paddle, which is quite suitable for use in racing games. For turning waves.

In addition, the Analog of the new controller has also undergone major changes. First of all, the mushroom cap can be replaced. The original factory has already added 2 capsules of height and height, allowing players to change according to their own preferences. During the trial, the reporter thought that tall mushrooms are quite suitable for shooting. Used for aiming in games. The factory pointed out that the Analog switch has a new design with high durability and a replaceable modular design. In case of problems in the future, it can be replaced independently. The official price is only $158. I believe that there may be different resilience in the future. s Choice.

As a professional version of the controller, the PS5 system has also been updated accordingly. Users can customize the commands of each button in the setting page, and can also customize the dead zone of the Trigger and Analog switches, and adjust the sensitivity curve of the Analog switch. Change the control feel and improve the accuracy, and the L2/R2 button is equipped with a physical depth gear selection, such as choosing a shallower gear in shooting games, which can shoot and kill enemies faster, while racing games can use the deepest gear options to precisely control the accelerator and brake. Users can also set up to 30 profiles according to the needs of different games, and set 4 of them as quick switching options.

The reporter tested the two games CoD and GT7 at the demo meeting this time. Among them, the CoD was replaced with tall Analog keycaps for aiming, and it was indeed faster and more accurate to point at the enemy. When playing GT7, the rear new The added custom key uses the upper paddle as the addition and subtraction wave, which is more like a real car operation than pressing L1/L2 in the past, and can use six-axis direction sensing to control the direction of the light car in a similar way to the dial, and the feel is quite outstanding.

Price: $1,580

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