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PS5 Valkyrie Elysium Goddess Bliss Pure Land 5 Things You Must Know Before Playing

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PS5 Valkyrie Elysium Goddess Bliss Pure Land 5 Things You Must Know Before Playing

PS5 Valkyrie Elysium Goddess Bliss Pure Land 5 Things You Must Know Before Playing Combat Skills | 14 years after the previous game, the classic RPG game “Valkryie Profile” Nordic Goddess / Goddess of War The new writer’s game “Valkyrie Elysium” Goddess Bliss Pure Land has been released in 9 Launched at the end of the month, the following is the game strategy of “Hong Kong 01” technology plaything channel, including 5 things you must know before playing and combat skills.

1. Game length

The game flow of this game is not long. According to the introduction of the “How Long to Beat” website and Japan’s Famitsu, the entire game flow is about 20 hours. Although it is enough for an action game, if you want to find A work that can be played for dozens of hours or even longer, “Valkyrie Elysium” may not be your best choice.

The action game has a short flow and it is impossible to do so.

However, if you pre-order the deluxe version of this work, you can get the ported version of Valkyrie Profile Lenneth, the first-generation “Nordic Goddess” Valkyrie Profile, on December 22. The first-generation “Nordic Goddess” itself is a rare masterpiece and The game is quite durable and can be played for more than 100 hours. Therefore, if you consider it from the perspective of “buy one, get two”, it is more worthwhile.

“Valkyrie Profile Lenneth” was originally scheduled to be launched at the same time as “Valkyrie Elysium”, but the official announcement delayed the launch of “Valkyrie Profile Lenneth” to December 22 due to the need for more time to polish the quality of the game.

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2. The difficulty cannot be changed

“Valkyrie Elysium” can choose three difficulties: Easy, Normal and Hard at the beginning of the game. Note that unlike many current games, the difficulty can be changed at any time in the settings.Difficulty cannot be changed once selected; If you are not very confident in action games, you should be careful before choosing a difficulty.

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Personally, even though I chose Hard, I didn’t think it was too difficult. The battles weren’t too stressful, and the bosses were all taken once, so I felt it could be a little more difficult. However, the reporter has a lot of experience in action games, and the entire series of Nier automatic dolls and soul-based games are all platinum. Although the technology is not very good, it will be easier to build with experience, or it may not be used as a reference.

In addition, there are many situations where this game is besieged by the enemy from multiple directions. It is recommended to turn on “Perspective Reset: Attack” in the settings, so that the perspective will automatically turn to the enemy that the player is attacking. Of course, if you are not afraid to work hard and often yourself No need to turn the angle

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3. Immediately learn skills/strengthen weapons after completing the tutorial

After completing the teaching level, the player will enter the Hall of Valor, and then can start the first chapter of the game; at this time, the teaching has not yet reminded the player, but in fact, the player can already learn skills and strengthen weapons at the save point. Many important skills such as double jump, extreme avoidance, etc. can be learned from the beginning, and the resources given in the teaching can be learned several times, and the rest can be learned in Chapter 1; after learning these, new skills can be added. After the skill of the action, the operation feel and experience will be greatly improved.

One of the great joys of action RPGs is that they keep getting stronger and getting new moves and gameplay at the same time.

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4. It’s okay to pack more boxes

There are a lot of destructible objects such as wooden boxes in the game. It is recommended to hit a dozen when you pass by, because you can get various resources for learning skills and strengthening martial arts. The most important thing is to have the opportunity to get the precious “yellow soul” for learning skills. ”; Of course, this work is not very short of resources, and there is no need to go to the level of actively looking for boxes to cut, but when passing by and seeing a bunch of boxes, there is no harm in cutting them by the way.

There is a chance to get a yellow soul by slashing monsters, slashing chests and completing chapters

5. Multi-solution side quests

During the main chapter, you can receive side quests. The side quest process is not long, and you can obtain weapons that permanently strengthen the character’s abilities such as “Eternal Life Divine Wine”, as well as new sacred skills. There are also some episodes. There is no need to rush to the explosion If you have a machine, it is recommended to solve it more. Note that some side quests can also receive other side quests, pay more attention to the map and don’t miss it.

Although only 4 skills can be equipped at the same time, in fact, you can open the menu to change skills during the battle at any time. The more skills, the better.

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Combo/Battle Experience Simple and infinite combo techniques

The battle is mainly to pay attention to the enemy’s hegemony and stature. Some enemies, such as the axe soldiers that have been encountered in the early days, will bring their own hegemony during the attack, even if they are hit with a triangular heavy attack, they will continue to fight. It will be hit by the opponent’s hegemony attack; to deal with the enemy with hegemony, you should actively use the holy skills of the gram attribute to play Break.

When being besieged, it is basic to use range attack to break first and then hit one by one.

Stronger or shield-wielding enemies will block the player’s attack, and a red halo effect will appear when blocked; of course, the player can choose to keep slashing and suppress until the opponent “explodes”, just be careful if the opponent will suddenly counterattack.

When attacking, pay attention to whether you are blocked by the opponent

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In terms of combos, although the degree of freedom of combos in this game is not as high as that of high-purity action games such as Devil May Cry and Nier Automata, it is already good for action RPGs and can have a variety of combos; the most important thing to note is that When using heavy attack (triangle) moves, there will be a long time to straighten, and it cannot be canceled at will, but can only be canceled at a certain point in time. It may not feel comfortable before you are familiar with these cancel timings, but it is very simple after you get used to it. .

In addition, the time that can be canceled with L2’s soul hook is much longer than that of avoidance and jumping. After cutting a set of combos, L2 can simply cut another set to form an infinite combo; of course, pay attention to the enemy’s hegemony and counterattack. And whether it will be attacked by other enemies in the back, etc.

Multiple use of soul hooks can easily create combos

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