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PS5 Valkyrie Elysium Goddess Bliss Pure Land Review: Excellent combat but has a big disadvantage

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PS5 Valkyrie Elysium Goddess Bliss Pure Land Review: Excellent combat but has a big disadvantage

PS5 Valkyrie Elysium Goddess Bliss Pure Land Brief Commentary The battle system is excellent but there are other shortcomings | 14 years after the previous work, the classic RPG game “Valkryie Profile” Nordic Goddess / Goddess of War The new writer’s game “Valkyrie Elysium” Goddess Bliss Pure Land has been launched at the end of September , the following is a brief review of the game of “Hong Kong 01” technology plaything channel.

***The following evaluation is based on the PS5 version of the game***

The combat system is solid but the details are not polished enough

Although most people’s impressions of Square Enix are mainly FF and DQ, in fact, Square Enix is ​​also very experienced in developing action and action RPG games, such as the “Blood Dragon Knight” series many years ago, and of course in recent years FF7 Remake and the following FF16 are also action RPGs. And “Valkyrie Elysium” is an action RPG game, and the most important combat system is actually quite good; especially for players who have played the original “Nordic Goddess”, they can feel that the production team will play the RPG instructions of the year. into the action.

Valkyrie Elysium with a pretty good combat system

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At that time, the operation of “Nordic Goddess” was to use the four buttons of triangle, square, circle, and cross to represent a character, and input the combination of buttons according to time to make combos in one round; but in “Valkyrie Elysium”, although it became 3D It is an action game, but it also incorporates the old-fashioned gameplay. Press the R1+ button to summon the heroic spirit, and then the player can cooperate with the attack of the heroic spirit to make a combo. With the attacking combo, you can accumulate the sacred combat skill meter, and you can use various sacred combat skills when the storage is full; it is also similar to the “Nordic Goddess” in which high combo can accumulate the meter to play the special attack of the heroic character, in terms of design Is quite thoughtful.

There are also common gameplays in action games such as Just Guard, precise avoidance, and attribute restraint to break the hegemony. Action game players will be able to get started soon after they are familiar with the button operation.

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In addition to the system design, the most important thing about action games is the sense of impact. The combat sense of “Valkyrie Elysium” is also quite good. When I actually play it by hand, it is better than when I watched the promotional video before.

A little reminiscent of the classic Japanese APRG “Ys” series

However, while the combat system is excellent, the game gives reporters the feeling that the details are not polished enough, like the Chinese version of the fontIt turned out to be the new detailed and standard italicsplease really, 2022 is almost over, can you choose some more beautiful fonts for the Chinese version of the game, it will not feel like a student’s homework…

2022 standard italic games

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The graphics still feel like a product of the PS4 era, mostly with the wild and plants looking a bit cheap B-game; the scenes inside the buildings feel much more normal. However, when fighting at high speed, there are not so many flaws to pay attention to the detail of the picture. The smoothness, feel, and impact of the action game are more important; if the actual game feels, the reporter thinks that it is more than enough to receive the goods.

Strong enemies or boss battles will also have weaknesses, parts destruction and other settings

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Insufficient game content is a disadvantage

Although the game screen is not very good, it is not bad enough to be called a disadvantage. The bigger problem is the length/content of the game. As soon as the game was launched, it was already rumored that the process of this work was very short, and at the time of writing, the reporter had not yet completed the game and therefore could not provide figures. However, according to the foreign game data website “How Long to Beat”, it took about 15 minutes to complete the game’s main line + branch line. Hours, considering that the data provided shortly after the game’s launch is all about the progress of the game and the completion of the game, it is estimated that the game time for the average player is about 20 hours.

It should be because it is an early data, so the customs clearance time is short, according to FAMI news, it is also about 20 hours.

Although it is normal for action games to have a short game time, if it is less than 20 hours, it is indeed too short; . But on the other hand, strictly speaking, this game is a “buy one get one free” game. Buying the deluxe version of Valkyrie Elysium will give you a ported version of “Valkyrie Profile Lenneth”, and the latter is not a problem if you play it for 100 hours. Look at it this way In fact, this work is still a buy.

“Nordic Goddess” is not one of the true masterpieces, and everyone should play the game once

However, the official announcement earlier that the transplant of “Valkyrie Profile Lenneth” needs to be delayed until December 22; of course, players who have pre-ordered the deluxe version can also download the game on the same day, without worrying about the special code being “eaten”.

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Summary: The game is not bad but the price is not competitive

This game has a certain level, the combat system design is excellent, the picture level is slightly lower than the standard of the current generation, but the fluency and speed are sufficient. If you like to play action or action RPG games and have special prices, “Valkyrie Elysium” is quite worth playing; It’s just that if the regular price of the game is 479 Hong Kong dollars, reporters may also tend to choose other action games on the market. Of course, if the deluxe version is slightly discounted, and the “buy one get one free” has a ported version of “Valkyrie Profile Lenneth”, Valkyrie Elysium becomes very attractive.

There are also many opinions that the heroine’s face is not good-looking. The reporter thinks that it may be that the face and thick lips do not look like an orthodox Japanese girl, nor are they ugly, and it is not a bad thing for the heroine to occasionally have a different style.

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