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Pubu Pubook e-book reader evaluation: Tailor-made e-book platform for time-honored brands, priced at 8490 yuan | T Kebang

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Pubu Pubook e-book reader evaluation: Tailor-made e-book platform for time-honored brands, priced at 8490 yuan | T Kebang

As Taiwanese readers are no longer unfamiliar with e-book reader products, Pubu, an established e-book platform in Taiwan, decided to launch its first e-ink reader, Pubook, in September last year, so that readers who often buy books on their platform can also Reading on the reader provides the scope and flexibility of cross-device reading.

Manufacturer information
■Zhantian innovative technology

product specification
■ Screen resolution: black and white display 1404X1872 (300ppi)
■ Storage capacity: 64GB
■ CPU: 1.8GHz quad-core processor
■ Screen reading light: two-color LED
■ Input methods: Cangjie, Instant, Zhuyin, Pinyin, English
■ Wi-Fi:IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n
■ Bluetooth: Version 5.0, supporting low power BLE
■ Battery capacity: 3000mAh
■ Port: USB Type-C
■ Dimensions: 19.35 x 14.05 x 0.59cm
■ Weight: 270g

suggested price
From NT$8,490

In terms of appearance, Pubook adopts the mainstream 7.8-inch body size, which is a choice among various readers in terms of portability and viewing area. Similar to the square style of the early iPhone, the back is made of frosted glass material, which not only prevents slipping, but also improves the texture. Even the frame is also designed with metal, which reduces the plastic feel of ordinary readers. From the perspective of specifications, since most e-book readers cannot expand their capacity by themselves, and the maximum storage space is only 32GB, the built-in 64GB storage space of the Pubook is a sincere upgrade. For books with more formats It’s good news for people. In terms of the operating system, Pubook is a closed reader that can only read books purchased on the Pubu platform, as well as books that have legal files and are not protected by DRM.

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Basic reading function is sound

In terms of software functions for reading, most of the magazines on Taiwan’s e-book platforms are currently in PDF format. If you want to read the magazines without zooming, then the screen size should be about 13 inches, but the Pubook screen size is only 7.8 inches, in theory, when reading e-magazines on Pubook, the font content will become smaller, so it is better to read the magazine content by zooming in and out. In this regard, Pubu considers the “full reading” service of its own platform and provides many format magazines. In order to make it easier for users to zoom in and out when reading magazines, there will be no short-term pauses in zooming in and out. The Pubook is specially equipped with “Extreme Speed ​​Mode”. Just double-click on the area you want to zoom in, and the area will zoom in and out smoothly. In addition, Pubook also provides a one-click traditional and simplified conversion function, but the current built-in fonts do not support Unicode, so when switching books from traditional to simplified, the missing fonts can only be used from other fonts, and it is not allowed at this stage Users install their own fonts, so it is not so comfortable to read the layout, and it will be more practical after upgrading the fonts of Pubook; and the one-key switching vertical and horizontal conversion function that users are concerned about is currently in the development stage and will be available in the future. Get feature updates by updating the firmware. It is worth mentioning that Pubook supports the audiobook function, and readers can listen to it through the built-in Bluetooth function and connect wireless headphones.

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feature of product

General comments and conclusions: the quality is number one or two, and the function is quite satisfactory

outsidetype design ★★★★
The 7.8-inch body size and 270g lightweight design make it easy to hold and turn pages with one hand without burdening the wrist. It is equipped with a full-flat screen, a frosted glass back cover, and a metal frame. and durability will be better.

hardware specification ★★★★
This model adopts a closed system, 1.8 GHz quad-core processor and 2GB of RAM. The storage space is given to 64GB very sincerely. The page turning and response speed are quite smooth, and the stability performance is also good.

reading experience ★★★★
Basic kerning, font, font size, and color temperature adjustment functions are all available, and it also provides four screen update methods: optimization, high-quality, comics, magazines, and plain text. In the future, the updated firmware will be added to one-click straight horizontal conversion function.

Other functions ★★★★☆
Pubook supports audiobook function. Although it does not have a built-in speaker, you can listen to it with a Bluetooth headset, and a Pubu account can bind up to 4 devices at the same time.

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