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Put a mosquito down! Destroy the only “Big Mac Donkey Kong Arcade Machine” in the world

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Put a mosquito down! Destroy the only “Big Mac Donkey Kong Arcade Machine” in the world

“Let’s go down and follow the machine!” is the precious collective memory of countless arcade fans in the 1980s and 1990s. Taking advantage of the video game adaptation movie “Mario Brothers”, The Strong National Museum of Play (The Strong National Museum of Play) also seized the opportunity of the expansion of the venue, and jointly with Nintendo (Nintendo) launched the world‘s only one “Big Mac Arcade Game” “King Kong (Donkey Kong)”, rekindle the fighting spirit of old, middle-aged and young machine fans!

The American Game Museum not only wants to accompany the previous generation to relive the old dreams, but also intends to share the fun with the next generation, so it collaborated with Nintendo to design the Big Mac arcade machine inspired by the iconic character Donkey Kong. According to Jon-Paul Dyson, the vice president of the museum, this classic character whose Japanese name and Chinese are both transliterated as “Donkey Kong” has a straightforward personality, great strength, and is full of joy. In addition, the symbol of its gigantic size just corresponds to the new machine. “Donkey Kong is an incomparable existence in the game world in terms of size and historical status, so it is very suitable to be the protagonist of this whimsical project.”

As can be seen from the museum’s official Twitter comment, this “Donkey Kong arcade machine” is designed to be 20 feet tall and about 3.7 times larger than the original machine. Normal use, it seems enjoyable and fun. The museum also claimed that this will be the “largest playable Donkey Kong arcade machine” in the world. After the assembly is completed on June 30, it will officially open to the public.

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Image credit: The Strong National Museum Of Play

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This article lowers a mosquito! The world‘s only one “Big Mac Donkey Kong Arcade Machine” first appeared in OLO.

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