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Quentin Tarantino hands out against streaming service

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Quentin Tarantino hands out against streaming service

Year after year, Netflix delivers numerous films with huge budgets and stars like Ryan Reynolds, but cult director Quentin Tarantino can’t do anything with the streaming blockbusters – for a good reason.

Netflix’s content machine never stands still – the streaming service produces several expensive films and series with big Hollywood stars every year. The pulp fiction director However, Quentin Tarantino leaves the streaming hits coldbecause despite huge budgets, they don’t seem to have any presence in the zeitgeist.

Tarantino: Netflix blockbusters are irrelevant

In an interview with Deadline, Tarantino stated that he would probably shoot his upcoming and final film in cooperation with Sony – because the company does not have its own streaming service and is therefore only interested in to produce the most successful cinema releases possible. Tarantino does not want to design his film for a streaming service, because films would end up there without being relevant to the zeitgeist.

As an example, Tarantino cites the Ryan Reynolds films developed exclusively for Netflix. He heard that Reynolds received 50 million for the films, but he cannot name any of them because he has never seen them. According to Tarantino these films don’t exist in the zeitgeist, it’s almost as if they don’t exist at all. (Source: Deadline)

These films await you on Netflix in 2023:

Netflix Movies 2023 English Trailer

Netflix criticism is understandable

In total, Tarantino mentions three Ryan Reynolds films for which the actor is said to have pocketed $50 million each. Even if the cult director does not name any names, it could be the three Netflix productions 6 Underground, Red Notice und The Adam Project act in which Reynolds plays one of the main roles. None of these films was able to convince the critics and in fact many viewers might find it difficult to remember the concoctions in detail.

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Unlike some acclaimed series and a few quieter dramas, Netflix hasn’t really managed to produce a blockbuster that is a topic of conversation for weeks or even months and made a real, lasting impression on pop culture.

Netflix films often turn out to be expensive flops – but at least the streaming giant produces one of the best series currently available:

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