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Recensione router Asus TUF Gaming AX4200

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Recensione router Asus TUF Gaming AX4200

The TUF Gaming AX4200 router is a product designed for gamers who want a stable and fast wireless connection, both at home and on the move. This is a WiFi 6 router, which offers speeds of up to 4200 Mbps and greater network efficiency thanks to OFDMA technologies and 160 MHz channels. This means that the router can better handle traffic from many different WiFi devices, such as laptops, smartphones and smart devices.

This product also has a 2.5 Gbps wired port and two aggregated Gigabit LAN connections, allowing you to make the most of the available bandwidth. Additionally, the router has a 3-step port forwarding feature, which makes it easy to set up NAT for online gaming. Just choose the game from the list, select your device and activate port forwarding. The router also supports the VPN Fusion protocol, which allows you to assign a dedicated VPN connection to a device or application, to protect privacy and bypass geo-restrictions.

The router is part of the TUF Gaming family, which guarantees high build quality and tested resistance. The router has a rugged and aggressive design, with four external antennas and customizable LED lighting. The router also supports the AiMesh system, which allows you to create a flexible and seamless mesh network with other compatible routers. In this way, you can have optimal WiFi coverage throughout your home, without losing the settings and functions of the main router.

The router also offers advanced network security, thanks to AiProtection Pro software, which blocks malicious websites, prevents intrusions and protects infected devices. The software also offers customizable parental controls, which allows you to set time and content access limits for children.

Additionally, the router has a mobile gaming mode, which optimizes the WiFi connection for mobile devices and reduces lag and latency.

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TUF Gaming AX4200 is therefore an excellent choice for those looking for a high-quality WiFi 6 router, with high performance, dedicated gaming functions and complete network security. The router is priced at around 250 euros, which is in line with other similar products on the market. The router is easy to install and configure, thanks to the ASUS Router app, which offers step-by-step guidance and remote management. The router also has a 3-year warranty, which shows the manufacturer’s confidence in its durability.

In conclusion, the TUF Gaming AX4200 router is a recommended product for gamers and all those who want a fast, stable and secure wireless connection; its recommended price is €159.99.

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