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Relatech EMPHAsis Evolution, cybersecurity sperimentale

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Relatech EMPHAsis Evolution, cybersecurity sperimentale

Relatech presented the results of the EMPHAsis Evolution project with Ithea and the DIMES Department of the University of Calabria to develop an industrial cybersecurity solution. EMPHAsis – Effective Malware Prevention through Honeypot Assisted Analysis – was born in the form of an experimental prototype following a collaboration between the group and the DIMES Department (Computer Engineering, Modelling, Electronics and Systems). The project started from a study that theorized the development of a cybersecurity defense system based on the “honeypot” concept. It tested the possibility of creating a seemingly vulnerable environment to attract hackers, like “a honey pot” attracts bees, and then observing and recording their malicious activities.

The first Emphasis platform prototype

The study pre-configured, assuming the analysis carried out on the data collected, the possibility of structuring and implementing more effective solutions to prevent and mitigate threats and respond to hacker attacks on ICT systems. In 2019 Ithea, the research hub of the Relatech Group, started a project collaboration virtuous with the DIMES Department on the Emphasis project, now renamed EMPHAsis Evolution, within the Calabria Region’s Ingegno Call. The final aim is to increase the level of technological maturity of the first Emphasis platform prototype, extending it architecture to make it an industrial solution.

The EMPHAsis Evolution project

A tool that can be used by companies and institutions that wish to invest in innovative cybersecurity solutions to complement the security mechanisms already in place in their companies. The main innovations made concerned the areas of design and IT security, to improve the ability to detection and response to threats, thanks to new technologies and advanced methodologies, demonstrating their applicability in real contexts. During the presentation, the results of the Emphasis Evolution project, carried out from January 2022 to 30 September 2023, were presented by the experts from Ithea and DIMES who participated in the project.

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The event

The event was attended by the team of Cybersecurity professionals from the Relatech Group, a representative of Fincalabra (managing body of the Project Call funds on behalf of the Calabria Region), teachers and researchers from the University of Calabria engaged in innovation projects in cybersecurity and in other digital fields. As part of the seminar, Relatech illustrated the group’s offering and the possibility of go into detail the suite of cybersecurity services and products. Particular focus on the ReSOC service, the Security Operation Center of the Relatech Group.

Making sustainable innovation

Pasquale Lambardi, President and CEO of Relatech
We are very happy and satisfied to have taken part in this project through our Ithea research center together with the University of Calabria. Ours continues like this path of digital enablers in this new year. These events are very important for us, as they highlight the vision of the Relatech group as a… ecosystem functional to innovate. Going hand in hand with today’s fast digitalization and creating positive synergies between industry experts. The project is testimony to the synergistic collaboration with our scientific partners, universities and research centers, with which we carry out sustainable innovation.

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