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Remedy has acquired full rights to the Control franchise

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Remedy has acquired full rights to the Control franchise

Remedy Entertainment Takes Control: Acquires Full Rights to Franchise

Remedy Entertainment, the Finnish developer behind the hit game Control, has made a major move by consolidating and acquiring full rights to its own franchise. The company is currently working on a sequel to Control as well as a multiplayer spin-off project called Codename Condor, both set in the Control universe. This deal with publisher 505 Games will now see Remedy taking full ownership and control of the popular franchise.

The total value of the deal is reported to be €17 million, equivalent to the amount that 505 Games paid for the development of Control 2 and Codename Condor, with an additional premium included. Remedy will pay off the transaction fees in three installments over the next year.

Under the terms of the deal, 505 will continue to serve as the publisher of the original Control until December 31, 2024. They will also manage existing business-to-business deals for the first game until the agreed upon expiry date. After that, Remedy will take over all aspects of the franchise, including publishing and distribution, with 505 Games no longer receiving any royalties or rights to the game.

Since its release in 2017, Control has shipped over 4 million units and generated around 100 million euros in revenue, according to Remedy CEO Tero Virtala. With full ownership of the franchise, Virtala stated, “Having full ownership of the Control franchise gives us the freedom to determine the best path forward. We will carefully consider our options because we know Control is considered an attractive franchise by many partners.”

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The development of both Condor and Control 2 is progressing well, with plans for them to enter the next stage of development in the first half of 2024. Remedy will be exploring the optimal publishing, distribution, and financing models for these projects as they move forward with their newly acquired control of the franchise.

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