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Remnant II: Gunfire Games’ Sequel Draws in a Flock of Fans

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Remnant II: Gunfire Games’ Sequel Draws in a Flock of Fans

Title: Remnant II: Gunfire Games Sequel Garners Huge Fanbase and Impressive Steam Numbers

Subtitle: Steam peak player count of 110,856 surpasses predecessor and rivals popular titles

By Ben Lyons – Gamereactor.cn

The highly anticipated release of Gunfire Games’ sequel, Remnant II, has taken the gaming world by storm, amassing an impressive fanbase within a short period. The success of the game is evident on Steam, where it outperformed its predecessor, Remnant: From the Ashes, in terms of concurrent players.

According to SteamDB, Remnant II reached a peak of 110,856 simultaneous players over the weekend, more than double the peak count of From the Ashes, which achieved 48,289 players on the platform. This impressive feat propelled Remnant II to secure a spot in the top 40,000 games on Steam, surpassing popular titles such as Warhammer: Darktide, FIFA 22, Resident Evil Village, Battlefield 2042, Doom Eternal, and The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Considering its remarkable performance on Steam, it is safe to assume that the success of Remnant II extends beyond this platform.

While the console performance of the sequel remains undisclosed, the overwhelming response on Steam indicates a promising future for Remnant II across multiple platforms. Fans eagerly await the opportunity to explore the depths of this seemingly successful project.

For those who are yet to experience Remnant II, Gamereactor.cn offers a comprehensive review of the game, providing insights and commentary on this highly acclaimed release. As fans flock to Gunfire Games, it becomes evident that Remnant II has undoubtedly captured the attention and support of gaming enthusiasts worldwide.

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Source: Gamereactor.cn

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