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RESIDENT EVIL 3 åŠ å…¥ 男士通信

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RESIDENT EVIL 3 åŠ å…¥  男士通信

Resident Evil 3 Game Pass announcement

Resident Evil 3 has joined Xbox Game Pass, hot on the heels of Resident Evil 2. The latest edition of the game revolves around Jill Valentine, a member of the STARS team, as she navigates the chaos of Raccoon City and the relentless pursuit of an entity known as Nemesis. As a fan-favorite survival horror game, many players are already familiar with its intricacies.

In addition to being available on PC, this edition also supports Xbox Series X|S, providing an enhanced gaming experience. For those who have yet to experience the fear and excitement of this game, now is the perfect time to give it a try.

For more information, visit the official Men’s Logic website, Instagram, and Facebook page.

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