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Resident Evil 4 Remake RE4 Unlimited Rocket Launcher How to Get Started Guide

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Resident Evil 4 Remake RE4 Unlimited Rocket Launcher How to Get Started Guide

Resident Evil 4 Remake RE4 Remake Guide How to Get Infinite Rocket Launcher|The much-anticipated Resident Evil 4 remake “Resident Evil 4” Remake has been officially launched. The following is the game guide of “Hong Kong 01” Technology Plaything Channel, which provides a way to start the game with infinite rocket launcher.

You don’t need to challenge a specific difficulty/score to get started

“Resident Evil 4” remake version RE4 Remake infinite rocket launcher is easier to obtain than other infinite weapons of RE2 and RE3 before. There is no need to challenge a specific difficulty or obtain a specific score. You only need to play a new game ie2 weeks with any customs clearance archive inheritance data You can buy unlimited bazookas with 2 million pesetas from any merchant.

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Although there are no restrictions, 2 million is not a small amount; even if you work hard to collect treasures, you usually have to complete the entire 2-week game (or the last part of the 2-week game) to get 2 million, and you need to sell All the weapons on the body are enough.

The reporter himself added all the weapons in the middle of the 2nd week to only be worth 1.2 million, and he needed to pay for it.

But you won’t need other weapons after getting the infinite bazooka anyway:Infinity rocket launcher can knock down any enemy in one hit(Including Boss, unless it is a staged boss battle, then each stage requires 1 shot), andInfinite Rockets don’t need to be reloaded, but crazy random shooting wiped out everything, so it is no problem to sell other weapons. After selling, it is also very simple to use infinite bazooka to spend money to buy weapons back. However, if you want to score S+, since the S+ score must be achieved in a new save, you can’t just use infinite rockets to play.

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