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Retrofitting an auxiliary heater: Heat for the car and workshop from €100 – or stay away?

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Retrofitting an auxiliary heater: Heat for the car and workshop from €100 – or stay away?

Die Auxiliary heater for retrofitting The dish for diesel offers advantages for vehicles of all sizes. When you start in the morning, the auxiliary heater ensures that the windows are clear and the car is warm. It is controlled directly on the device, via remote control from home or with a timer. The diesel heater can also be used in a garage, workshop or other places where short-term heating is required in winter. This makes it a mobile heating solution.

Mudiro’s offer at Banggood for 108 Euro looks like a real bargain at first glance. However, assembly in the car is demanding and should only be carried out by people with the necessary knowledge or from a half-timbered town. We ourselves were not able to properly install the product in a car. This leads to costs that are significantly higher than the sales price of the product. Workshops charge between 100 and 200 euros per hour. Amounts of 600 euros or more can quickly add up. We describe our experiences with the Mudiro product and show alternatives.

The device is theoretically suitable for more than just a motor vehicle and could be used as a mobile heater. Then you have to take care of the wiring and a 12 volt power source. To do this, you can use a car battery outside the vehicle or mount an adapter on the cables and operate them with a power station (best list).

We show further accessories for the cold season in these guides:

Quickly warm up your car, motorhome, van and boat

The auxiliary heater must be operated with 12 volts and has a 5 liter tank for diesel fuel. This can be used to warm up cars, mobile homes and boats in just a few minutes, as well as workshops, greenhouses and garages. If the vehicle is parked outside, it defrosts automatically and is gentle on the windows. The device is controlled via a colored LCD and a remote control. This means that the car can be heated from your apartment or house with a simple click on the remote control. The robust device is made of metal and plastic and is very stable. The device can be easily transported with the two carrying handles.

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Once installed in the vehicle, the car or motorhome can be heated without having to start the vehicle itself. The auxiliary heater draws its energy from the internal diesel tank, which holds 5 liters. However, electricity is still required via a 12-volt connection to start the generator. The nominal current of the system is 3 A, the starting current is 10 A to 12 A. The maximum output of the diesel burner of the auxiliary heater is 8 kW. This means that even a large car or van as well as a garage and a workshop can be adequately heated.

With a fuel consumption (diesel) of 0.16 to 0.62 liters per hour, a vehicle can be heated more often or for a total of up to 15 hours with average consumption, although the consumption of course depends on the temperatures and conditions. The efficiency of the auxiliary heater is stated by the manufacturer to be just over 90 percent, with an operating noise of less than 75 dB. The temperature setting is between 8 and 36 degrees Celsius, the exhaust gas temperature of the device is around 380 degrees Celsius.

The timer can be used to set when the auxiliary heater starts heating or when the timer should expire after heating. This means the car is already warm and de-iced when the owner wants to drive off. The vehicle interior can also be preheated using the preheating function. The days of cold seats and steering wheels when driving are over, even in older vehicles. If it overheats, the device switches off automatically. If the vehicle’s conventional heating is not sufficient while driving, the auxiliary heater can be switched on as it can also maintain the temperature. After switching off, the device runs for a while to cool down. The lid of the device is secured with clips that can be easily removed to access the interior.

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Installation and commissioning

All parts required to install the auxiliary heater are included in the scope of delivery. Of course, some technical understanding is necessary to assemble and connect the device. In addition to the power connection, the auxiliary heater must be supplied with fresh air. There are also pipes to remove the exhaust gas, supply oxygen and direct the warm air into the room. The English-language operating instructions leave no questions unanswered, but technical understanding is necessary for installation. In our case, we did not manage to assemble the device ourselves. We recommend having this done in a workshop, although this will cost significantly more than the device itself.

Since the Mudiro auxiliary heater is built into a box, the device can also be used as a transportable diesel heater for greenhouses, workshops, garages and other locations. Screwing it onto the wall or floor is also no problem. The main application of the auxiliary heater is operation in the vehicle; other areas of application are also conceivable. As a rule, one pipe to the outside is required for the exhaust gases, another for the air supply and a flexible pipe to the inside for the actual warm air. The power connection must be 12 volts.

The multicolored color display shows all the necessary information and is operated using five buttons. In addition to a schedule, the auxiliary heater can also be operated with a timer, for example for a few hours. When the timer expires, the device switches off automatically. In manual mode, the device can be operated manually. There is also a temperature mode so that the auxiliary heater can always maintain the same temperature. After switching on, it may take up to 2 minutes for the first ignition to occur. When the tank is empty, this will be shown on the display. However, since the tank does not have a sensor, this is not an exact level indicator. The tank contents can be read from the outside through slots.

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An air intake hose is included in delivery. This must be led outside with a filter. Otherwise the device will use up the oxygen in the room! Another hose leads the exhaust gases outside. The necessary parts are also included in the scope of delivery. There is also a rear silencer that significantly reduces the noise of the auxiliary heater. A chimney sweep should be consulted for installation indoors.

Price & alternatives

The Mudiro 8KW is currently priced at Banggood 108 Euro. This is significantly cheaper than buying such a device from a workshop. For comparison: a caravan heater costs four figures. However, it is advisable to have the assembly done by professionals, which can lead to additional costs of 300 to 600 euros. Parking heaters from China are available for as little as 80 euros, while caravan heaters from brand manufacturers start at around 1000 euros.


The auxiliary heater including remote control and complete accessories proves to be an efficient solution for quickly warming up vehicles of all sizes. The flexible installation using a conversion kit also enables use in different environments. However, installation in vehicles can be complicated and the English-only operating instructions may limit user-friendliness for some users.

There is no avoiding going to a specialist workshop unless you have extensive knowledge. The installation then exceeds the purchase price many times over. Compared to brand models and caravan heaters, auxiliary heaters from China such as the Mudiro 8KW are a cheaper alternative.

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