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Rev to Vertex Tsuen Jin road racing game screen is super realistic|Interview with the development team of Hong Kong people

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Rev to Vertex Tsuen Jin road racing game screen is super realistic|Interview with the development team of Hong Kong people

Rev to Vertex Tai Mo Shan Tsuen Kam Road|Hong Kong has lost the opportunity to host international marathon and dragon boat races recently, which is really disappointing. The Formula E race car was also temporarily unable to be held in Hong Kong due to the epidemic. If the real world can’t be done, what about the electronic world?

In August, a YouTube video of “Rev to Vertex” super realistic “Tsuen Kam Highway” racing game trailer appeared. In the film, you can see local street signs in Hong Kong, KMB stop signs, as well as Hero Pavilion and Shigang Barracks! It attracted the attention of many game fans and car fans. It turned out that this work was developed by the Plutonization team established by two young Hong Kong drivers, Pluto Mok (27 years old) and Jason Mok (25 years old). Made in HK’s racing game. Recently, the game “Rev to Vertex” participated in the TGS2022 Tokyo Game Show, and HK01 visited the Mo brothers and the production team.

Plutonization Tsuenjin Road Racing Simulator Demo Platform (Photo by Zhong Shijie)
The young development team of Plutonization Hong Kong class, Trefer was not able to attend, so he added his photo to the group photo. (Photo by Zhong Shijie)

Recently, the game “Rev to Vertex” participated in the TGS2022 Tokyo Game Show, which attracted a great response on Twitter.

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Determined to be a driver because of racing games

Plutonization was founded by two young drivers, his brother Pluto (right below) and his brother Jason (the driver below). Pluto was the team’s mouthpiece. He recalled: “The two brothers were addicted to playing GT, and they decided to do it first. Drivers.” Later, the two really devoted themselves to the racing career. The two brothers won the championship and runner-up in the Lotus GT Cup 2020 in the Macau Grand Prix, and Pluto also won the runner-up in the Greater Bay Area GT Cup 2021. The good results have won them a lot of sponsorship. Business support:“I race because of playing games, and I have achieved a few achievements, so if I want to fulfill another dream, it is to make a racing game that belongs to Hong Kong.”

Two young drivers, elder brother Pluto (right in the picture below) and younger brother Jason (the driver in the picture below), were established (Photo by Zhong Shijie)

A year ago, Plutonization established the virtual team Z-Challenger Racing to hold the “Challenger Cup Asia E-sports Championship”. On the other hand, they also began to recruit and buy horses to realize their game dreams; the team first used the famous racing game “Assetto Corsa” as the main program, and made the Tai Mo Shan track for players to download. The high level attracted the attention of drivers and game fans around the world. :“It turns out that so many people like the Hong Kong circuit, which makes me more confident.”Later, Pluto put together Sunny Lee, who made the track, Jacky Wong, who was in charge of the hardware of the bridge, and Trefer Ting, who was in the music part. On the one hand, the two brothers raised funds, promoted the game, and promoted the game with their connections in the racing industry. Identity to make the game more real, and cooperate to develop a complete racing game.

Rev to Vertex Tsuenjin Highway video screenshot

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Take a closer look at the details of Hong Kong features in the game

On the day when the reporter tried it out, the game system, together with the ultra-wide screen, vibrated and played the game in a simulated carriage made of a scroll board and a racing chair. This set was recently moved to the Tokyo Game Show 2022 in Japan for display. (It is scheduled to hold a trial event in Hong Kong in October, and I will report it to you later) But for the time being, I can only try the “Tai Mo Shan Tsuen Kam Highway / Sunny Day” mode, and there will be different scenes such as night and heavy fog in the future. , the words of Sunny, who made the track: “Tai Mo Shan is also known as the Great Smoky Mountain. It is precisely because it is often foggy that my target system will make different weather conditions, and I will play it in the future.”

The group took a lot of real-life photos on the Tsuenjin Highway on the spot (the picture is fine-grained), and the big picture is the game picture, isn’t it real?

The group took many live photos on the Tsuenjin Highway (Photo by Zhong Shijie)

The first completed Plutonization will be the Tsuen Kam Highway. There are many Hong Kong-flavored details. Sunny Lee (Environment Lead) explained that the Hong Kong government has already digitized the roads in various districts. It is the route and the width of the road that are reproduced one by one: “I have been to the field to investigate, and there are many unique trees and flowers along the roadside in Hong Kong, such as road signs, bus stop signs, Hero Pavilion, Shek Kong Barracks, etc. The landmarks are all done, and you need to know how hard the road is, and the vibrations during driving will be reproduced one by one from the vibration feedback of the wheel.”

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Can you tell which side is the game screen and the other is the live photo?

The left is the real scene / the right is the game screen (Photo by Zhong Shijie)
Even the tall buildings in the background are all polygonal (Photo by Zhong Shijie)

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Street Fighting in Hong Kong Legally

Hong Kong’s road usage rate is high. It’s impossible to watch Jay Chou’s “Initial D”, and the famous autumn mountain road is full of cars, bicycles, and fast cars. There is no room for illegal racing. Hong Kong drivers have already switched to The legal racing events in Macau and Zhuhai are also the same for the Mo brothers, so they have another goal in creating games: “I play “GT” a lot, but both like “Wangan” and “Initial D”. It feels like a fighting car in a racing arcade, the game not only wants to be a drive simulator that can be used by drivers for driving training, but also wants to add a little fighting car flavor.”

After the completion of the TGS2022 exhibition of “Rev to Vertex”, the demo platform will be openly demoed in the D2 mall. (Photo by Zhong Shijie)

On sale in December|Attracting drivers and players from all over the world to Hong Kong

Pluto Mok: “Of course we don’t support illegal racing, but we want more people to have a legal experience of racing on several well-known roads in Hong Kong. After the completion of the TGS2022 exhibition, “Rev to Vertex” will have a demo stage. The Hong Kong Auto Show held at the D2 mall is open for trial play, and it is scheduled to be launched on the Steam platform in December.” Jason said: “I hope to attract drivers and players from all over the world to come to Hong Kong to chain!”

《Rev to Vertex》

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