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Roads to Innovation is the roadshow organized by VEM Sistemi

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Roads to Innovation is the roadshow organized by VEM Sistemi

Is called “Roads to Innovation” and it is a roadshow organized by VEM Sistemi, a system integrator with headquarters in Forlì that integrates multi-vendor products and technologies into its offering. Each of the stages of the traveling event will touch on a theme among those covered by the tech company, exemplified in a corporate experience emblematic of how technology has contributed to improving processes. The first stage on February 29th, for example, had the focus on secure networking tra IT e OT. It was chosen to host it in its headquarters in Pesaro Biesse, an international company that produces integrated lines and machines for processing wood, glass, stone, plastic and composite materials. Born in Italy in 1969 and listed on the Euronext STAR segment of the Italian Stock Exchange, it supports clients operating in the furniture, housing & construction, automotive and aerospace sectors.

During the event the company opened the doors of its production site and its business center to tell its story of innovation and the impacts of new technologies on the business. The meeting was also an opportunity to show the latest news from Cisco in the field of networking and to preview the new digital platform for the network infrastructure created by VEM Sistemi capable of orchestrating and automating the network infrastructure in a programmable manner and offering connectivity within OT production environments.

From Bologna to Padua, passing through Lissone

The roadshow will continue on March 14th in Bologna in the premises of CRIF, a global company active since 1988 specializing in credit and business information systems, analytics, outsourcing and processing services, as well as open banking solutions for business development. On that date the focus will be on the new frontiers of Workspace, exploring the world of collaboration, increasingly permeated by Artificial Intelligence, integrated with the Building Management System. Two technological areas that were once distant, but which are increasingly converging towards increasingly innovative and sustainable working models.

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The third stage on April 9th ​​will instead be dedicated to cybersecurity and will take place in the Lissone headquarters, in the province of Monza and Brianza, of NO Towers. With a portfolio of approximately 2,500 broadcasting sites, it is one of the leading companies operating a proprietary infrastructure in the broadcast service for the majority of national and local television channels. Among the company’s recent creations, we highlight the International Broadcasting Center (IBC) of Lega Serie A, with the VAR Center, and the national Low Power Wide Area OG network of the subsidiary EIT Smart, an asset dedicated to the provision of Internet of Things services low energy consumption.

The roadshow will continue with an event focused on Fashion & Retail Experience which will be hosted by Safilothe well-known eyewear player that has been creating, producing and distributing sunglasses, optical frames, helmets, masks and outdoor glasses for over 90 years.

Finally, the last appointment will be held on May 9th in Padua Carol, a company that deals with control solutions for air conditioning, refrigeration and heating, as well as systems for humidification and adiabatic cooling. Inside the company spaces we will talk about data security through Carel’s direct experience on the subject.

Discovering technologies directly from companies

“There are not one, but many roads that lead to innovation, sometimes parallel, sometimes intertwined, sometimes even distant. However unique, because each one brings with it a wealth of personal and corporate history, different needs, different times. They are all heading towards technological progress as a lever for the evolution of the business – he explains Andrea Giuliani, Head of Design & Delivery of VEM Sistemi -. This is why in our series of traveling events we have decided to ensure that companies that are protagonists of innovation share their story and their experience of using the technologies they are adopting and which can be a source of inspiration for others”.

This is ultimately the final objective of the itinerant journey in the name of innovation promoted by VEM Sistemi. That of giving space to the voice of companies so that through their testimony they can become ambassadors of the potential and advantages that new technologies offer to business today.

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