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Rode Wireless ME Combines Receiver and Second Mic in One – Engadget 中文版

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Rode Wireless ME Combines Receiver and Second Mic in One – Engadget 中文版


The Rode Wireless Go wireless microphone that can be used with cameras and mobile phones has become the darling of many YouTubers, creators and other groups as soon as it was launched. The second generation of Wireless Go II is the so-called “one for two”, which is convenient for many people to appear on the scene In the form of a movie, the price is not surprising to come to a higher position of 299 US dollars. If you don’t do interviews very often, or only need voice-over, Rode’s new product is for you.

The Rode Wireless ME, which is priced in half to $149, is a “one-in-one” combination. It looks like the first generation with only one wireless microphone and one receiver, but this time the receiver can double as a second microphone. , just keep a wired connection to the camera/mobile phone, so it is suitable for the voice-over style where the photographer will also talk, or even POV-style unboxing videos.

Rode Wireless ME


The design of Rode Wireless ME has also been simplified. There are only LED lights on the body to display the connection status, and the small screen on the receiver side of the Go is cancelled. At the same time, there is no built-in storage space, and the receiving range is only 100 meters (Go II is 200 meters / DJI Mic is 250 meters), and 7 hours battery life, but it is reasonable considering the price cut in half. The recording settings need to use the active Rode Central application for Android and iOS, including choosing to save one or two recording files, adjusting the gain level, etc.

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However, Rode Wireless ME has a new GainAssist function, which automatically analyzes the signal and actively adjusts the gain according to the ambient sound and the volume of the person, but users still have to be careful whether it will “see red”. In addition, there is a dynamic mode to correspond to the recording with continuous sound, for performance and other purposes.

What’s even better is that for users who already have a Rode Wireless Go II, they can even pair the microphone with the ME receiver to form a combination of three microphones. However, the maximum number of audio files stored is two, and three cannot be achieved. Standalone sound file.

By the way, Rode Wireless ME will come with the iPhone connection cable with the package, no need to buy it separately, this is how embarrassing for Go II users.

Rode Capture app


Finally, Rode also launched a new Capture mobile app at the same time, which will be able to directly integrate the settings of Rode wireless microphones in the shooting interface, without having to wander between the two apps, and without wondering whether the sound source is from the microphone.

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