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Samsung Galaxy S24, l’era dell’AI mobile

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Samsung Galaxy S24, l’era dell’AI mobile

Designed to enhance and simplify the everyday experience, Galaxy AI transforms the iconic S series for the future: introduced the new Samsung Galaxy S24.

Artificial intelligence optimizes many user experiences of the Galaxy S24 series: from the ability to communicate without barriers with intelligent translations of texts and calls, to maximizing creative freedom with ProVisual Engine di Galaxyto defining a new search standard that will change the way Galaxy users discover the world around them.

Galaxy AI aims to improve every aspect of life, in particular the fundamental concept associated with the smartphone: communication. When you need to communicate and face language barriers, Galaxy S24 makes your life easier than ever. It allows you, for example, to chat with a student or colleague from another country and complete a booking while on holiday abroad. All this is possible with Live translation, which performs real-time voice and text translations of calls bidirectionally within the native “phone” app. No third-party apps are required to use, and the on-device AI keeps conversations completely private.

Mobile artificial intelligence

Con Interpreter, live conversations can be instantly translated and displayed on a split screen, so speakers, facing each other, can read a verbatim transcript of what the other person said. It works too without a data or Wi-Fi connection.

For messages and other apps, Chat Assistant it can help refine the tone of the conversation and ensure that communication occurs in the desired style and register: for example, a polite message to a colleague or a short, catchy phrase for the description of a social media post. The AI ​​built into the Samsung keyboard can also translate messages, emails and more into 13 languages ​​in real time. In the car, Android Auto automatically summarizes incoming messages and suggests appropriate responses and actions, such as sending someone your estimated time of arrival, so you can later resume communication with your interlocutors while you concentrate on driving.

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Organization is also streamlined with Samsung’s Note Assistant Notes, which offers AI-generated summaries of upcoming tasks, the ability to create note-taking templates with predefined formats that make your life easier, and create preview covers to help you find important notes more easily. As regards voice recordings, even in the presence of multiple interlocutors, Assistant Transcription uses artificial intelligence and voice dictation technology to transcribe, summarize and even translate recordings.

Samsung Galaxy

ProVisual Engine is a complete suite of AI-powered tools that transform image capture and optimize creative freedom at every stage of the process, from preparing a shot to sharing it on social media. The time has come to say goodbye to blurry and unclear images taken from afar. The Quad Tele System of Galaxy S24 Ultra, with the new lens equipped with 5x optical zoom, has a 50 MP sensor that allows optical quality performance at zoom levels with magnifications from 2x, 3x, 5x up to 10x thanks to the Adaptive Pixel sensor. Images appear clear even at 100x thanks to the optimized digital zoom.

Thanks to the feature update Nightography, photos and videos with Galaxy S24’s Space Zoom are bright in all conditions, even when zoomed. In fact, it is possible to obtain photos and videos rich in light in low light conditions by taking advantage of the larger pixels of the Galaxy S24 Ultra, now 1.4 μm, 60% more than the previous model.

Whenever the Galaxy S24 uses generative AI to edit an image, a watermark will appear on the image and in the metadata. And if you need to view in slow motion an action-packed video, Instant Slow Motion can generate additional frames based on movement to reduce the playback speed of action sequences and allow you to appreciate the details.

Galaxy S24 offers a complete experience thanks to improvements made to the processor, display and more. Galaxy S24 Ultra comes with Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 Mobile Platform for Galaxy. Optimized specifically for Galaxy users, this processor offers a significantly improved NPU with incredibly efficient AI processing. In all three Galaxy S24 models, 1-120Hz adaptive refresh rates also improve performance efficiency.

Gaming on Galaxy is more powerful thanks to hardware and software improvements. All models in the Galaxy S24 series boast an optimal thermal control system with a vapor chamber that is up to 1.9 times larger, which improves the surface temperature of the device while maximizing performance power. Ray tracing, on the other hand, allows for realistic visual effects with higher quality shadows and reflections. Furthermore, thanks to collaboration with the best partners in the gaming industry, Galaxy S24 allows users to enjoy the most popular and optimized games.

Bright and robust display

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Visual effects are more vibrant and captivating on the brightest Galaxy display ever. Galaxy S24 reaches maximum brightness of 2,600 nits and offers better visibility outdoors thanks to Vision Booster.
As for the display, Corning Gorilla Armor nel Galaxy S24 Ultra it has been optically improved and transformed on a molecular level, improving durability by 50% and making it four times more resistant to scratches. The display dramatically reduces reflections by up to 75% in a wide range of lighting conditions, ensuring a smooth and comfortable viewing experience.

Design improvements across the Galaxy S24 series, with thinner and more uniform bezels, facilitate an immersive viewing experience and enable the use of larger screen sizes on the display equal to 6.7 inches on the Galaxy S24+ and at 6.2 inches on the Galaxy S24, while maintaining dimensions similar to those of the Galaxy S23+ and S23. Galaxy S24 Ultra has a 6.8 inch flat display, optimized not only for viewing but also for productivity. Additionally, Galaxy S24+ now supports the same resolution level as Galaxy S24 Ultra.

Samsung Knox

Powered by Samsung Knox, Samsung’s military-grade multi-layered security platform, the Galaxy S24 protects sensitive data and defends against attacks with its end-to-end secure hardware, real-time threats and collaborative protection.
Samsung’s ongoing commitment to providing users with choice and control over their device continues in the age of AI. Galaxy S24 users have the ability to control how much their data can enhance AI experiences, thanks to Advanced Intelligence settings that can disable online data processing for AI features.

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Creating a new category of mobile experiences also means reinventing how Galaxy technology is designed and delivered to do more with fewer resources for the benefit of people and the planet. Galaxy S24 continues to increase the variety of recycled materials in Galaxy devices by applying recycled plastic, glass and aluminum to the internal and external components of devices. However, all these efforts require a further step forward and, for the first time, Galaxy S24 features components made from recycled cobalt and rare earth elements.

Samsung Galaxy S24 will be available for purchase in the Italian market in the following configurations:
• in the 8GB + 128GB version at a recommended price of €929
• in the 8GB + 256GB version at a recommended price of €989

Samsung Galaxy S24+ it will be purchasable in the Italian market in the following configurations:
• in the 12GB + 256GB version at a recommended price of €1,189
• in the 12GB + 512GB version at a recommended price of €1,309

Galaxy S24 Ultra it will be purchasable in the Italian market in the following configurations:
• in the 12GB + 256GB version at a recommended price of €1,499
• in the 12GB + 512GB version at a recommended price of €1,619
• in the 12GB + 1TB version at a recommended price of €1,859

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