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Samsung Galaxy Watch5 Pro on offer at SUPER PRICE

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Samsung Galaxy Watch5 Pro on offer at SUPER PRICE

After having explored the MediaWorld promotion on a Lenovo notebook for creatives, it is worth returning to focus on the technological promotional initiatives launched by the chain. In fact, one has been given the go-ahead significant discount on the Samsung Galaxy Watch5 Pro smartwatch.


The wearable device is now sold at a cost of 239.99 euros via the official MediaWorld website. The recommended price is 499 euros: the discount is 259.01 euros.

The product has the “MediaWorld recommends” label. At the time of writing, however, on the chain’s portal we read that There are few pieces left available. This means that, if you are interested, you may want to learn more about the promotion as soon as possible, even before the end of the Samsung Instant Discount flyer in which it is included (the latter’s deadline is set for April 25, 2024).

If you are looking instead other promotions in the technology field, delving deeper into the Flyer tab could be for you. In the latter, a large number of promotions have been reported, involving various types of technological devices. They range from the Amazon offer on the KODAK digital camera, up to the Amazon promotion on the Apple AirTag, just to give some examples that you might want to explore further.

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