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Samsung Galaxy Xcover 7 in the test: outdoor cell phone with 5 years of software updates

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Samsung Galaxy Xcover 7 in the test: outdoor cell phone with 5 years of software updates

The latest model in the Korean company’s portfolio of outdoor smartphones is the Samsung Galaxy Xcover 7. It replaces the now somewhat outdated Samsung Galaxy ) settled. Unlike its other smartphones, Samsung updates its rugged models every two years. In view of this, the Xcover 7 follows the Xcover 5, while a successor to the higher-quality Xcover 6 Pro is not planned until next year.

Samsung primarily offers its outdoor smartphones for the commercial sector. Especially for rescue and relief workers, but also in industry or trade, mobile devices must meet certain requirements, such as a waterproof and robust housing or the ability to be cleaned with disinfectant. Samsung also guarantees comprehensive software support and the ability for companies to manage devices centrally. But private individuals who are looking for a robust mobile device for outdoor activities or gardening also benefit from the Xcover 7. The test shows how the handy outdoor cell phone performs.

What are the highlights?

If you are looking for an outdoor smartphone that is still handy enough, the Samsung Galaxy Xcover 7 is a good solution at an affordable price 315 Euro. Buyers benefit from long-term and regular software updates as well as a replaceable battery with a solid runtime. The outdoor cell phone also supports 5G and offers a programmable button. The processor is less fast, but should be sufficient for most tasks of the day. There is room for improvement with the camera and the display brightness.

How robust is the Samsung Galaxy Xcover 7?

One of the best features of the Xcover 7 is its comparatively slim and handy design for an outdoor smartphone. Compared to an Ulefone Armor 22 (test report), its dimensions seem almost delicate. However, the edge around the display is significantly wider than on a normal smartphone, so it is almost a centimeter longer than a Samsung Galaxy A34 (test report). It is about as thick as a smartphone in a robust protective case, which buyers can save on the Xcover 7. In terms of size, it is comparable to the Nokia XR21 (test report).

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The striking feature of the Xcover 7 is the programmable button with a red border on the left side. The housing always offers a non-slip grip. Thanks to an IP68 certification, it can withstand a long stay (30 minutes) under water up to a depth of one meter. Contact with disinfectants is also not a problem.

Sure, it doesn’t have the elegance of the other Samsung smartphones, but the exterior of the rugged smartphone is still attractive. The MIL-STD-810H certified mobile device can easily survive falls from a height of 1.5 meters. The only weak point is the removable plastic back, which could possibly come loose if it hits a hard surface – which would then only provide limited protection against liquids.

How good is the display?

A PLS panel is used for the display with a diagonal of 6.6 inches. The resolution reaches 2408 × 1080 pixels, which ensures a more than sufficiently sharp image. The image quality is good and offers a high viewing angle stability, even if it cannot keep up with an OLED when it comes to black levels and contrast. The refresh rate of 60 Hertz is no longer entirely up to date. If you want to use your cell phone with gloves, you can increase the sensitivity of the touchscreen in the settings. This works relatively well with thin leather or work gloves.

According to the manufacturer, the display should reach up to 600 nits, but we were only able to measure a maximum of 570 nits. This means that it is only moderately readable in strong sunshine. Especially with an outdoor device, it would be desirable to always be able to see the display clearly outdoors. However, our tests show that the competition rarely does it better.

How good is the camera?

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The camera setup is simple: There is only one main lens with 50 megapixels, which is embedded on the back. There is also a dual LED flash that also serves as a flashlight. There is also a selfie camera with a meager 5 megapixels.

The high resolution gives hope for a good camera. However, the result is disappointing compared to mid-range smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy A34 (test report). The dynamic range is poor, image details and sharpness have room for improvement. The Xcover 7 is not made for more than occasional snapshots. Videos look pale and tend to shake a lot. Selfies are still largely okay despite the low resolution.

Samsung Galaxy Xcover 7 – original recordings

Samsung Galaxy Xcover 7 – original photos

What does the equipment offer?

A Mediatek Dimensity 6100+ runs under the hood of the Xcover 7. The performance is rather poor and corresponds to a smartphone up to 150 euros (best list). This is also proven by the rather weak benchmark results of 8000 points in PCmark Work 3.0 and 1250 points in Wild Life from 3Dmark. In everyday life, the cell phone runs sufficiently quickly, but one or two stutters can be heard.

When it comes to storage, it offers 128 GB and 6 GB of RAM. Fortunately, expansion via a microSD card is possible. There is also a slot for a headphone jack. However, the rest of the features are rather meager with Wi-Fi 5 and USB-C 2.0. After all, the device supports 5G – both via a nano-SIM and via eSIM. The voice quality when making calls is very clear and clear. The Xcover 7 uses A-GPS, Glonass, Beidou, Galileo and QZSS for navigation. The accuracy is high at one meter according to the GPS test.

The programmable button is pleasing; you can assign two functions to it: press it once or hold it for a longer period of time. What’s less nice is the lack of a fingerprint scanner; it can be annoying to have to provide your own PIN every time. Alternatively, you can unlock the device using facial recognition. However, the 2D technology behind it is not particularly safe from attempts at deception with a photo.

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Samsung Galaxy Xcover 7 – photo gallery

Samsung Galaxy Xcover 7 – photo gallery

How long are software updates available?

Samsung’s greatest strength remains its software support. From launch, the Galaxy Xcover 7 will receive security patches and four version upgrades for Android for five years. At the time of testing, the patch dates from March and is therefore brand new. One UI is used as the user interface, so anyone who has already used a Samsung cell phone will quickly find their way around.

How long does the Galaxy Xcover 7 battery last?

The biggest special feature is the removable battery with a capacity of 4050 milliamp hours. That may not be a lot, but it allows you to use a second battery if necessary to change it for 40 euros or simply replace it if it has lost capacity after a few years. The battery life is still good; in the PCmark battery test we got 13.25 hours. A power supply is not included and charging is only possible with a maximum of 15 watts. This means that a charging process from 20 to 100 percent takes 1.5 hours. There is no wireless charging.

How much does the Samsung Galaxy Xcover 7 cost?

You can get the Samsung Galaxy Xcover 7 in the Enterprise Edition 315 Euro. Interesting Tarif-Bundles offers Logitel. You can get the smartphone for around 30 euros with a monthly price of 20 euros with 20 GB in the Vodafone LTE network.

What alternatives are there?

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