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Samsung TVs on offer at Lidl: is it worth buying?

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Samsung TVs on offer at Lidl: is it worth buying?

The Samsung Crystal UHD GUAU6979 television is currently on offer at Lidl – with a 100.00 euro discount! PR/Business Insider

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Lidl tempts with one again Offer, which could be worth it. The discounter is currently selling one Samsung TV for only 349.00 instead of 449.00 euros. The discount: 100.00 euros or 22 percent. The device on offer is the Samsung Crystal UHD GUAU6979 with 43 inch screen diagonal. The versions with 50, 55 and 65 inch screens are also reduced by up to 22 percent.

Best price: Samsung televisions on offer at Lidl

Other shops still charge up to 435.00 euros for the Samsung Crystal UHD GUAU6979. Although this is also below the recommended retail price of 529.00 euros, it cannot keep up with Lidl. The Price comparison at Idealo* has shown that Lidl offers the lowest price for the television. From a purely financial perspective, the offer is worthwhile.

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What does the Samsung Crystal UHD GUAU6979 offer?

The Samsung Crystal UHD GUAU6979 from Lidl is a Introduced in 2021 TV from the middle price segment. It therefore lacks the latest technical features. You also have to do without premium features. However, that doesn’t mean that the Smart TV is a bad TV. Quite the opposite! That’s what he offers the following features:

LCD screen 4K resolution with 3840 x 2160 pixels 43 inch screen diagonal 50 Hertz refresh rate WLAN and Bluetooth Compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant USB and HDMI Dolby Digital Plus with Adaptive Sound and Sound Mirroring Eco Smart Remote

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For whom the Samsung television from Lidl is worth it

Do you expect the Samsung Crystal UHD GUAU6979 to offer a similar TV experience to premium models that cost around three times as much? Then we have to disappoint you. But honestly: Many premium features are not absolutely necessary in everyday life or for most households anyway. This is especially true for things like Sound or Refresh rates, which should be of more interest to gamers and real cinema fans. So if you’re just looking for an affordable TV that shows your favorite series and films in… reliable quality can play, could Samsung televisions from the Lidl range actually one good and cheap choice be. It meets all the requirements of a (relatively) modern television and can be retrofitted with accessories such as sound bars if necessary. We therefore recommend it especially for Buyers who don’t have too high demands put on your TV. The Samsung Crystal UHD GUAU6979 is also worth it Second device for the bedroomwhere people generally watch TV less often than on the couch.

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