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Sandman Season 2 Begins Filming This Summer – The Sandman (Netflix)

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Sandman Season 2 Begins Filming This Summer – The Sandman (Netflix)

The Sandman is back, and the next batch of episodes will start filming this year. Interestingly, though, neither Netflix nor any of the cast members are referring to the second season as Season 2.

This may be because Sandman has been known to jump between different tones and directions as its episodes progress, so Netflix may release a slew of episodes that follow similar themes before moving on to the next one. batch.

Fans of Neil Gaiman’s work can at least rest easy knowing that more Sandman is on the way, as filming begins this summer and new episodes are expected to air sometime in 2024 .

Mason Alexander Park, who plays Lust, talks about the weird naming system and when we’ll see more Sandmen.

“Netflix didn’t purposely call this a season 2,” they explained. “So, between now and in the future, probably until the end of the universe, until we know what it is, I’m not going to call it a second season. There’s more of Sandman in a really cool way that it could take Multiple formats, so we start filming in the summer and we’re going to be tackling the next huge story in how long it might take, and I’m really excited to finally share that format with you all.

Are you excited to see a second season of The Sandman? Or whatever Netflix decides to call it?

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