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Sanremo, third evening: the name that comes out of social networks is that of Angelina Mango

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Sanremo, third evening: the name that comes out of social networks is that of Angelina Mango

In view of the Sanremo 2024 semi-final, we are definitely starting to see a significant trend in what happens on social networks e the repercussions on what happens in the real world. Intended as in the Festival ranking.

After the third evening, the first in the ranking are Angelina Mango, Ghali and Alessandra Amoroso; on the various platforms, those that are doing best I’m Angelina Mango, Ghali and Annalisa.

Social network Why on TikTok everyone dances the cumbia (even if they stand still) by Emanuele Capone, Bruno Ruffilli 03 July 2022

chart: Angelina Mango’s growth (from top) on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook and Twitter

Sanremo 2024 and the importance of followers

According to the analysis and the monitoring conducted by DeReva company specializing in digital strategy and communication, the first two are above all the ones to keep an eye on in view of the final sprint: while the strength of Amoroso (and also of Fiorella Mannoia) seems to be fading a bit compared to initial estimatesMango and Ghali are proving to be the most active and capable of nurturing the bond with their respective communities even in the long term.

Communities that they obviously are fundamental in terms of televotingin turn fundamental for the victory: from this point of view, both Angelina Mango (with 3 post e ben 11 story on Instagram) both Ghali (6 posts and 11 stories), but also Il Tre (9 stories and 1 post) and Mr. Rain, all in the final five of Thursday evening, are those who most massively requested the support of the followers. Doing it right: you are not just write a cold one Vote and to give the reference of your number, but they expressed their need for help to the communities, inviting them to be co-protagonists of the Sanremo adventure in every way. Among other things, Ghali, Mr. Rain and Angelina Mango (together with Fiorella Mannoia and Negramaro) have broadened the range of action and even brought their appeal to Threads too.

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From the point of view of the suns numbers, Rose Villain and Clara are the ones who led the dance on the third evening, with a gain of 36 thousand followers for the first and almost 25 thousand for the second. Followed by: Angelina Mango (+20 thousand), Mahmood (+19 thousand) and Annalisa (+17 thousand). After yesterday’s exploit (all the details here)Geolier’s performances recorded a setback, probably because the rapper did not perform and therefore published only one piece of content on social media: it is probable that this evening he will return to rally his followers in times of need, but this is considered “a risky strategy”if compared with that of those who never stop talking to fans.

Stazione Futuro In defense of the Rai train to Sanremo by Riccardo Luna 08 February 2024

The guests: from Gianni Morandi to the absence of Chiara Ferragni

As for the official channels of Sanremo, the third evening was characterized by a slight and predictable decline: 1.7 million interactions (there were 2.8 million on the occasion of the second evening) against the 3.5 million totaled by the artists as a whole; However, the Festival continues to produce a lot: ben 201 post with a significant engagement of 20.12%.

Among those present who were not singers was the co-host Teresa Mannino followed the example of Georgie: she too, perhaps taken by the importance of the experience, forgot social media, didn’t post anything and brought home just 16 thousand more followers and just over 100 thousand searches on Google.

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On the contrary, stainless steel Gianni Morandi has published and achieved a lot (11 posts and 148 thousand interactions), demonstrating great affection for Sanremo and also being rewarded with the notable virality of some of its contents. The same cannot be said of the other protagonist of the 2023 edition of the Festival, that is Chiara Ferragni: probably taken up by other thoughts, she is completely ignoring the demonstration, except for a couple of interventions in the stories which were limited to an emoji (a heart for Giovanni Allevi and a laugh for the banner Think free of Fiorello).

As for the rest, noteworthy the importance that TikTok continues to have for music, and vice versa: on the ByteDance platform Geolier unquestionably leads, whose song has so far been used for over 14 thousand videos; following are the Ligurian Annalisa (6315 videos), Sangiovanni (2451) and Angelina Mango (1102).


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