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SAP Italia meets Partners: a growing ecosystem

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SAP Italia meets Partners: a growing ecosystem

The Partner Kick Off Meeting (PKOM) 2024 by SAP Italy has just concluded, marking a pivotal moment for the company’s entire ecosystem. With 300 participants representing more than 120 partner companies, the event offered the opportunity to reflect on the goals achieved in 2023 and outline strategies for the current year, in a context of increasing digitalisation and sustainability-oriented innovation.

Cloud growth and drivers for 2024

“We also accelerated the speed of our cloud growth in 2023, recording a 66% increase in Cloud booking compared to the previous year. RISE with SAP was the element that contributed most to this result, while the transition to the public cloud was led by GROW with SAP” declared Carla Masperi, CEO of SAP Italy underlining the crucial role of Partners for its success: “around 90% of implementations at our customers are followed by a Partner and 80% of new customers are generated by Partners”.

GenAI enters the factory: news and strategies for the company’s success

Masperi also encouraged Partners to ride the “momentum that SAP is experiencing and which will continue in the coming years, thanks to three drivers: the cloud, sustainability and Business AIartificial intelligence for business that will transform the way organizations work.”

The future of ERP in the Cloud with SAP

The event highlighted the countless opportunities offered by the cloud, especially regarding ERP and Line Of Business. Adopting cloud-based ERP systems offers a lean and efficient operational structure, essential to stand out in a competitive market. This approach allows you to simplify and standardize IT environmentspaving the way for game-changing innovations like artificial intelligence.

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Within the next two years, a massive relocation of installations SAP on-premise in Italy verso l’ERP in cloud, mainly thanks to the RISE with SAP initiative. In parallel, GROW with SAP will receive special attention and resources, aiming to further simplify public cloud ERP adoption for new customers and small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs).

Another topic at the center of the agenda of SAP and its Partners is the cloud solutions SAP SuccessFactors, SAP Signavio, SAP Concur, SAP Customer Experience, SAP Intelligent Spend Management and Business Network, and SAP Digital Supply Chain: a further business opportunity for Partners who invest in new features to create value for the customer in the most critical functional areas for the life of the company.

A billion in AI to revolutionize business

Convinced that it wants to play its cards in the sector of enterprise applications and artificial intelligence for business, SAP recently announced an investment of over 1 billion euros in AI. Currently, over 26,000 customers using cloud services have access to SAP Business AI, benefiting from hundreds of AI capabilities and best practices integrated directly into SAP applications. For 2024, a special focus is aimed at SAP BTP (Business Technology Platform)valued as a growth catalyst for the ecosystem and as a means for partners to generate intellectual property, especially in the field of enterprise artificial intelligence.

SAP integrates ESG into business processes

Aligning with the vision of promoting the development of companies in the direction of “intelligence” and sustainability, SAP has confirmed its commitment to the latter theme. Commitment that translates intointegration of sustainability data into main business processes of all areas of a company and along the entire value chain that links to Scope 3.

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Thanks to a wide assortment of sustainability solutions, which range dalla SAP Sustainability Control Tower al Green Ledger included in ERP Cloud solutions – a system that merges financial and environmental data to provide detailed analysis and support informed decisions – SAP offers its Partners the possibility and ability to assist customers in collecting and analyzing data, generating reporting and implementing environmental, social and governance (ESG) strategies in a comprehensive and integrated manner.

SAP owes its success in the Midmarket sector to its Partners

In his speech at PKOM, Fabrizio Moneta, Midmarket and Channel Director of SAP Italia, wanted to underline the importance of Partners for the growth of a strategic segment for SAP which is that of medium-sized companies.

“In this particular period, medium-sized Italian companies they need a quick return on their investments in innovation projects that give them greater business agility and efficiency. Our Partners are essential in responding to these needs, they are the ones who stand alongside Italian companies and help them transform their business and exploit the innovation guaranteed by the cloud. Last year, 85% of midmarket cloud revenue in our country was generated by the channel.”

I SAP Partner Excellence Award per il 2023

During the event, the SAP Partner Excellence Award, awards intended for partners who have distinguished themselves in the innovative use of SAP solutions, showing an exceptional ability to interpret customer needs, generating value and offering solutions to enhance the agility and adaptability of Italian companies. Partners who have received this recognition include:

Per la categoria Allround Channel – MidMarket:

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Cloud Digital Transformation Champion: Derga Consulting, awarded for masterfully guiding business transformation processes through RISE with SAP.

Market Expansion Champion: Again Derga Consulting, recognized for excellence in creating new business relationships and acquiring new customers. Customer Value Journey Champion: Altea UP, celebrated for its significant contribution in all phases of the Customer Value Journey, with a focus on Lines of Business (LOB). Public Cloud ERP Champion: Avvale, for its crucial role in the advancement of ERP in the Public Cloud sector. Partner of the Year: Avvale.

For the SAP Business One category:

Fast Growth: Aldebra, for the notable development achieved through attention to the existing customer base and the acquisition of new customers. Market Expansion : Sys-Dat, for its significant impact in attracting new customers. Marketing Excellence: Run Time, awarded for having successfully developed and implemented a winning Demand Generation strategy. SAP Business One Best Performer: VAR One.

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