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Sea of ​​Thieves via 40 Million Pirates

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Sea of ​​Thieves via 40 Million Pirates

Sea of Thieves Hits 40 Million Players, Set to Sail onto PlayStation 5

Two years after hitting the impressive milestone of 30 million players, Rare’s pirate simulator Sea of Thieves has now reached an even greater achievement – 40 million total players. Executive producer Joe Neate shared the exciting news in an open letter to the game’s community, expressing gratitude for their continued support and creativity.

Neate stated, “40 million players on Xbox, Windows 10 and Steam is an amazing milestone, and of course it wouldn’t happen without you – our talented and passionate community who continue to surprise and impress with your creativity and antics.”

With the game’s upcoming release on the PlayStation 5, anticipation is at an all-time high as Sea of Thieves has been dominating pre-order lists for Sony’s next-gen console. The addition of a new player base is sure to give the game another significant boost.

The continuous addition of free content and the endless fun to be had in Sea of Thieves has undoubtedly contributed to its massive success. As the game prepares to set sail on the PlayStation 5 next week, players are eagerly awaiting the opportunity to explore the high seas on a new platform.

Will you be joining the ranks of the 40 million pirates in Sea of Thieves when it arrives on the PlayStation 5? Prepare to embark on a thrilling adventure and experience the ultimate pirate life in this beloved game.

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