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Second hand, but priceless: Anyone who shops on this portal is probably rich

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Second hand, but priceless: Anyone who shops on this portal is probably rich

Yachts, villas and private jets: The “JamesEdition” platform is, so to speak, the “classifieds for billionaires”. If you’re an average earner and take a look at the prices for luxury cars on offer there, you’ll only see the taillights.

While the middle class of society discusses whether 3,600 euros net is “no longer enough” and when shopping second-hand in classified ads (formerly “Ebay Kleinanzeigen”) they are concerned with the question “What is the last price?”, the super-rich are different busy. They look for the beautiful things in life JamesEdition one.

JamesEdition: Helicopters, luxury watches and second-hand villas

The platform describes itself as a “global luxury market” – and you can hardly put it more accurately. There’s a penthouse apartment in Dubai, a Patek Philippe from a seller in Hong Kong and a Birkin bag from Australia. The prices listed look as if there were a few extra zeros at the back – but they are correct. And where else can you get Steve McQueen’s Ferrari 250 GT Berlinetta Lusso (source: Luxurylaunches) for just $1.6 million?

The golden BlackBerry and the best Porsche of all time

Even if the so-called average consumer can afford practically nothing at JamesEdition – you will probably still be able to look around! Here are some of our discoveries:

The BlackBerry Porsche Design P9981 24K Gold Emperor Limited Edition dates back to 2014 and was available for $25,000 at the time (source: Crackberry). Today it is listed on JamesEdition for just under 29,000 euros – but as a collection with a total of 8 copies. This is called a quantity discount.

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Porsche again, but this time with horsepower. The legendary one Porsche 959 was the fastest road-legal production vehicle in the world at the time. According to the description at JamesEdition, this model dates from 1989 and has just 59,519 km on the clock. Cost: Over 2 million euros.

The Eberstein Castle (Gernsbach, Baden-Württemberg) is for sale for 19.5 million euros. From the description: “Let yourself be enchanted by the romantic charisma of Eberstein Castle, its picturesque vineyards, the lush botanical garden and the secrets of bygone times. Immerse yourself in the world of romance and let your hearts beat in harmony with the beauty of this place.” Sounds good, but servants for a court, staff for the operation is not included. It’s a shame actually.

Well, now that’s enough dreaming, back to reality! Our recommendations for winding down: cell phone tariffs under 10 euros and ingenious gadgets with which everyone can immediately save on electricity and heating costs.

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