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Second specialist conference “Robotics meets eMobility”

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Second specialist conference “Robotics meets eMobility”

How we produce battery systems and components for e-mobility economically in Germany

Kongress Robotics meets eMobility

On June 6th and 7th, 2024, Rohmann Automation will host the second specialist conference “Robotics meets eMobility” at its factory in Ingelheim am Rhein. The congress focuses on the production and quality assurance of battery modules and components for e-mobility. The focus this year is on the competitiveness of German manufacturers of components for electric vehicles in the international market environment.

The focus is on the production of battery systems and components for electric vehicles from the delivery of the individual components and robotics to quality control and shipping. The international congress brings together vehicle manufacturers with leading providers of manufacturing and quality assurance technologies.

The focus is particularly on the interaction of different manufacturing processes and automation technology, such as automated welding and joining of bus bars, robotics for parts handling and optical systems in production and inline quality control.

Scientists and researchers highlight current developments and future trends. The manufacturers of automobiles and batteries explain what their suppliers will have to prepare for in the future. Users report on successful projects from practice, manufacturers present new solutions for robotics and quality assurance, for example for welding and joining, as well as systems for testing or position detection with cameras and 3D scanners. Panel discussions give participants the opportunity to exchange ideas directly with leading experts in the electromobility industry.

Jascha Rohmann, the founder and CEO of Rohmann Automation GmbH, wants to offer the industry a common platform: “Especially in high-wage countries like Germany, the efficiency of production determines the competitiveness of manufacturers on the international marketplace. So that the medium-sized companies based here can be at the forefront in the production of battery systems, we are offering small and large manufacturers a forum at the congress where they can exchange ideas and network.”

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More information at: www.rohmann-automation.de/robotics-meets-emobility

Date: June 6th and 7th, 2024

Location: Rohmann Automation GmbH

At the Wiesen 10, Ingelheim am Rhein

About Rohmann Automation

Rohmann Automation GmbH, founded in 2007, develops, plans and implements automation solutions for industrial manufacturing with innovative robot systems. The offering ranges from individual production cells to complete production lines. It includes all functions from mechanics to automated cutting and joining processes such as laser welding and optical processes to quality assurance and seamless integration into the user’s digital world.

The focus is on e-mobility and the automated unloading of components from load carriers using 3D vision systems. The company continually draws attention to itself through innovations. A current example is the LaserCubeX manufacturing cell for laser-based welding of copper.

Customers include well-known customers from the automotive and aviation industries.

Company contact
Rohmann Automation GmbH
Jascha Rohmann
In the meadows 10
55218 Ingelheim am Rhein
+49 6132 8994-980

Press contact
VIP Communication
Regina Reinhardt
Dennewartstraße 25-27
52068 Aachen
+49 241 89468-24

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