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SecureGate, the new identity of SGBox and Cybertrust365

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SecureGate, the new identity of SGBox and Cybertrust365

The operation strengthens the image and identity of SecureGatesimplifies the offer and makes it a point of reference for cybersecurity needs of companies.

The decision was determined by a careful listening to the market and the desire to differentiate, under a single brand, the offer of managed security products and servicesso as to make it even more vertical and at the same time best develop group synergies in order to satisfy the increasingly advanced needs of companies.

From today, SecureGate presents itself as a unique and solid interlocutor which, through its specialized products and services, protects the IT security of its customers from multiple threats and sources of risk, promoting and accelerating their digital transformation. Its global mission is to elevate enterprise security posture through a comprehensive and customizable offering.

Massimo Turchetto, CEO SecureGate
Recognizing ourselves under the single global SecureGate identity is a fundamental step in our growth path. We believe that this evolution will allow us to strengthen ourselves and provide a clearer and more uniform vision to the market, to underline our ability to respond to the security needs of our interlocutors, in an era characterized by increasingly insidious cyber threats.

To support its national and international expansion ambitions, the company is further specializing its skills and forming teams dedicated to the two BUs: SGBox and Cybertrust365. In fact, SecureGate offers the market the modular and scalable SGBox Next generation SIEM & SOAR platform, but also an integrated portfolio of services managed through CyberTrust 365, including constant monitoring of infrastructures thanks to the SOC active 24/7 and prevention activities cyber threats.

The company’s approach to IT security is that of security by design, which allows you to strengthen the resilience of organizations by automating controls on sensitive data and developing a solid IT infrastructure protection strategy.

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