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She is “QUICKSINK”, a technological and scary American bombshell

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She is “QUICKSINK”, a technological and scary American bombshell

The US Air Force has new technology that can quickly sink a ship. The video leaves no room for doubt, it could be decisive in future war conflicts.

As you can also see at the following link, the terrible weapon was called QUICKSINK. The video shows how it quickly destroys a ship in the Gulf of Mexico. It is therefore not a question of nuclear reactors sent into space, but of an authentic weapon of destruction.

Using a fighter plane F-15E Strike Eaglea single bomb was dropped on the empty cargo ship and the ship sank in less than 30 seconds. In a second video, the ship is shown on the seabed, effectively split into two halves.

The Air Force has been understandably vague on the details of technology. However, they reveal that QUICKSINK features a very special ammunition called Joint Direct Attack Munition (JDAM) modified 907 kilogram.

This is a recent technology capable of convert unguided bombs into “smart” munitions drivewith unparalleled precision.

JDAM systems can in fact allow free-falling bombs to hit a target with an accuracy of 5 meters or less if GPS data is available. Even if GPS data is not present, the bomb can still hit a target within a margin of error of 30 meters.

Torpedoes, underwater missiles launched from ships or submarines, are the most common means of sinking enemy ships. This new technology, however, offers the military a more effective way to destroy ships from the heavens. Furthermore, it is much cheaper than a torpedo and can be deployed over a much larger sea area.

Heavy torpedoes are effective at sinking large ships, but are expensive and used by a small portion of naval assets. With QUICKSINK, we have proven a low-cost and more agile solution which has the potential to be employed by most Air Force combat aircraft, providing combatant commanders and warfighters with more options ” said Maj. Andrew Swanson, 85th Test and Evaluation Squadron chief.

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After seeing how to transport a nuclear weapon on the highway, that’s it yet another war stunt capable of causing death and destruction.

A Navy submarine has the ability to launch and destroy a ship with a single torpedo at any time, but the QUICKSINK JCTD aims to develop a low-cost method to get torpedo-like kills from the air at a much higher speed and over a much larger area“, explained Kirk Herzog, head of the Air Force Research Laboratory.

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