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Shocking study reveals that 90% of tattoo inks have harmful ingredients

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Shocking study reveals that 90% of tattoo inks have harmful ingredients

Tattoos, sometimes symbols of rebellion and sometimes with very deep meanings, are today a widely accepted form of art and personal expression. However, despite their popularity, few are aware of them what the inks actually contain which permanently color the skin.

A study conducted by a group of researchers from Binghamton University has brought to light alarming data: well 90% of the inks analyzed presented substances not listed on labels.

The investigation began with the observation of undeclared substances in inks during a study on the effects of light on tattoos. This prompted researchers to look deeper into the composition of the inksanalyzing products from nine different manufacturers, from both international and local markets, and including a wide range of colors.

The results highlighted significant discrepancies between the substances declared and those actually present in the inks, including pigments other than those listed and additives never mentioned as the polyethylene glycol and the glycol propylene, respectively associated with risks of organ damage and allergic reactions. Other undeclared substances included antibiotics and components harmful to breastfeeding women.

The investigation highlighted in particular the problems related to pigments rossi, which appear to be the most problematic, although it is not yet clear why. The presence of metals such as nickel, a known allergen, could explain some adverse reactions, but the lack of transparency and regulation makes it difficult for consumers to make informed decisions.

In response to these findings, the research team launched the website “What’s in My Ink?“, aimed at providing detailed information on tattoo inks ea to support tattoo artists, tattoo artists e clients in choosing safe products.

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