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In the kindergarten frequented by our child, all sorts of important and/or entertaining things are displayed for the parents’ convenience – menu plans, announcements, excursion plans, “what we did today” information updated over the course of the week on a whiteboard, photos of the children playing, drawings or other art made by them, etc. pp.

My wife and I share kindergarten drop-off and pick-up services and therefore have different opportunities to study the notices depending on the day of the week. In order to better compare information (and so that the parent who is not currently responsible – usually because he is working in the office that day – can also enjoy the child), we set up a signal group in the first few days (creatively called “Kindergarten Things”). in which we place the photographed notices, works of art, etc. every day.

Of course, we strictly maintain channel discipline and therefore don’t discuss anything there – this continues to take place (if in writing) via the “normal” signal path.

We also very, very rarely forget about taking a photo of the “what we did today” whiteboard at the end of the week.

(Luke Daniel Klausner)

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