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Siwego, the ‘Blablacar of goods’ that cuts traffic and emissions

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Siwego, the ‘Blablacar of goods’ that cuts traffic and emissions

This article is part of the special Tech4Climate, Startups for the environment by Italian Tech, on newsstands today 6 October with The print (Piedmont, Val d’Aosta and Liguria editions), Sentinel of the Canavese, The Province of Pavia, Journal of Mantua, Courier of the Alps, The Tribuna of TrevisoIl Mattino di Padova, The New Venice, Il Piccolo e The Messenger Veneto, and tomorrow 7 October with The XIX Century.

Gray is a platform that connects those who have to send a package with those who can transport it, allows individuals and transport companies to deliver goods on behalf of third parties, sharing the vehicle and the itinerary, and promises to cut logistics costs and to reduce traffic and pollution levels. Siwego, the startup that developed the platform, was founded in December 2016 by Marcello Favalli. “We are the Blablacar of goods – Favalli summarized -. We calculate the path of the package and the driver” and if there is a correspondence “we send a notification to both parties, who meet on Siwego’s chat” to define the details. The goal of the startup? “Fill the empty space of the means of transport in motion and in real time“To date, the company declares 5 thousand downloads in total and an average of 5 matches on the platform per day.

The special of Italian Tech – Piedmont

Three green techs that innovate on light, food and air

by Giuditta Mosca

Acceleration paths and above all tenders, this is the choice that the company has made so far to grow. In March Siwego opened a round of 500 thousand euros. “So far we have raised 200 thousand euros. We are in negotiations for another 250 thousand. It is a very important round”. The company was first accelerated in 2017 by the Rovereto Manufacturing Project (where it is based)an incubator of Trentino Sviluppo which “is inspired by a development model oriented towards the conception and production of a new generation of goods and services based on the value of sustainability”, reads the website.

Tech4Climate – Friuli-Venegia Giulia

But what a scent that carbon dioxide makes

by Alessio Nisi

At the end of 2019 Siwego was among the startups of LuissEnlabs (Urban Tech path). Last week the company was finally awarded a European call for the Climate-Kic Circular cities program accelerator: 50 thousand euros for a pilot project involving some municipalities on the continent. In its path, the startup first turned mainly to “last mile” transport professionals and university students, to then intercept the interest of transport and logistics companies.

Analysis – The Italian Tech special

It’s time for environmental startups, the next tech giants will come from there

by Arcangelo Rociola

Forty-two years old, from Brescia, Favalli worked as a sales manager first at Nestlé and then at Campingaz, where he found himself managing problems related to logistics. “It happened that an important customer called with an urgency and, in order to satisfy him, I would take the car and bring him some products in person. During one of these emergencies, I was on the highway between Brescia and Bergamo, seeing the other cars racing on the same journey as mine, I thought: what a convenience if I could give the package to one of them who still has to go to Bergamo …

Tech4Climate Special – Lombardy

And the CO2 problem becomes a resource

by Eleonora Chioda

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