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Six readers, six tests: Anker Powerhouse 521 & solar panel in practice

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Six readers, six tests: Anker Powerhouse 521 & solar panel in practice

In total, we selected six of our readers for different test categories. Reader Denis S., for example, showed us in his test how he uses power stations and solar panels uses for his “mobile office”. Our readers had a total of six weeks to test the devices provided by Anker in detail and then to share their personal conclusions in an article they wrote themselves.

All of the individual readings on the Anker Powerhouse 521 and the solar panel 625 with 100 watts can be found here:

In this article we summarize the conclusions of all six categories. We take a look at which application area the Anker Powerhouse 521 is best suited for according to our hobby testers, what they particularly liked and where there is still room for improvement.

Mobile Office

Pretty much every web worker can now pack up their laptop, share their smartphone as a hotspot and then work where the network reception is good. Whether in a café, mobile home, in the car or on a beach lounger. Wherever you are, the laptop is opened and off you go.

After six years of traveling around the world, tester Dennis S. speaks from experience. You always have the best office with you, then there are no excuses for trips or visits that you want to make.

His conclusion is: You definitely have to have it. Smartphone, tablet, camera, laptop, flashlight etc. No matter how, you always need electricity. It’s better if you have it with you. At the Powerhouse 521 all the connections that are currently important are also available and this is unlikely to change in the future.

If you go camping regularly or want to set up an off-grid office, you should also get a solar panel. Otherwise you are very well served with it. The test report by Dennis S describes more about his experiences.

allotment garden

Tester Jens N. was selected for the “Allotment Garden” category. For the reader test he received two separate packages from Anker. The box of the solar panel came in a very generous outer packaging, which was to be made significantly smaller in an environmentally friendly way. Jens would like the packaging of the Powerhouse to be designed without plastic in the medium term.

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Is this combination of the Anker Powerhouse 521 and the 100-Watt-Solarpanel useful in the allotment garden? Well, the answer is yes. In some cases, the Powerhouse 521 can be a useful support when performing activities, with the restriction of up to 200 watts. This limits the diverse use too much. If the station is charged via the conventional network, there is no financial advantage either. It can only replace handling with an extension cable and cable box, since a 220-volt supply is usually available in the allotment garden. Jens describes more about his experiences in the detailed test report.


As part of our reader test, Sven L. extensively tested and examined the Anker 521 Powerhouse together with the matching Anker 625 solar panel under the motto “Workation”.

As a conclusion it can be stated that the Anker 521 Powerhouse in combination with the appropriate one Anchor 625 solar panel (100 watts) is recommended for smaller outdoor activities and mobile offices. However, if more power is required in terms of output and charging power, you should stick to the larger models from Anker.

However, the two tested devices are well suited for Sven’s everyday use and can be recommended, despite minor criticisms. He describes more about this in the full test report.


In the “Education” category, Andreas N. tested the devices for us as a specialist instructor for a project run by the Caritas Association. As part of professional integration in adult education, this project successfully prepares long-term unemployed people for re-entry into working life.

First of all, Andreas has them Powerhouse 521 charged via the supplied power adapter, which took about 4.5 hours. As soon as the power station was fully charged, Andreas connected an ohmic consumer with an output of 100 watts (old light bulb) to the charged Powerhouse 521.

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The Powerhouse was empty after 1 hour and 54 minutes, which corresponds to a consumption of 190 watt hours, i.e. 74.2 percent of the 256 watt hours specified by Anker. Apart from the small quirks mentioned, Andreas really likes the Anker Powerhouse 521. However, everyone should be aware of the limitations compared to more powerful devices before buying.

Andreas’ opinion on the Anchor 625 solar panel. It can be assumed that the performance of the panel will be very good in the warmer months. He didn’t like the dangerous arrangement of the sockets and the unsuitability for outdoor use. What Andreas still has to report is in his extensive read review.

Camping holiday

According to Jürgen F., it depends on what the power station is used for. His admittedly high initial expectations have been put into perspective over time with the “nice piece”. In the beginning, Jürgen wanted to use the power station for many things, for which it was not made or intended.

For example as a successor to his aging UPS. And anyway: the emergency power – thanks to the general hysteria. No, the capacity of this compact Anker model is nothing for that. Compact – but this is one of the advantages. The power station is more likely to be taken with you. It is easy to handle with about 4 kilograms. And with its dimensions, it even fits in a top case on the motorcycle, in contrast to the solar panel.

What other experiences Jürgen had and what his conclusion was can be read in his test report.

Hobbies & Leisure

In the “Hobbies & Leisure” category, Thorsten K. put the devices through their paces for us and wrote the following test report.

Thorsten thinks that the PowerstationAnker Powerhouse 521 and that100 watt solar panel Anchor 625 actually a good combination. If only it weren’t for the limitation of the charging capacity. It can help with many small things in and around the house or with hobbies. Or in connection with the solar panel supply the cooler all day long at the quarry pond or support extended copter flights.

For the price of over 600 euros back then, however, you should calculate how many chilled drinks you can get at the kiosk or model construction batteries or 12-volt batteries for the car. In his test report you can read about other hobbies Thorsten pursues in his free time and where he uses the power station and the solar panel.

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The Anker Powerhouse 521 is now available for less than 200 euros. Our own test report of the Anker Powerhouse 521 shows how well the power station performed for us.


Six of our readers tried out the Anker 521 Powerhouse and its solar panel for six weeks. The power station has proven itself, for example, in mobile work on the go, when camping and when working as an energy source for laptops and the like.

The size of the solar generator was sufficiently compact for the testers to take it with them to the allotment garden or for camping. The power station also fits in a motorcycle top case, for example.

The solution is less suitable as an emergency power solution or for energy-hungry tools and devices, because the output power of 200 watts limits its use somewhat. For gardening with a lawn mower or hedge trimmer, for example, those interested should choose a variant with more power.

In addition, the testers still see some room for improvement with the solar panel, especially since the input power when charging is limited to 60 watts, even if the panel could deliver up to 100 watts in the right weather. One of the readers would like the panel to be better suited for outdoor use. Another would like less plastic in the packaging.

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