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Skebby’s Messaggioteca is born

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Skebby’s Messaggioteca is born

Skebby has made available the new Messaggioteca, a free library with text templates for companies that want to send SMS for their business communications. The platform that offers professional mobile marketing services has, in fact, created a library with models divided by type, which allow you to significantly simplify and speed up times. Beyond guarantee the maximum effectiveness of the messages, because they are the result of the company’s long experience in the world of mobile communication.

Messages for all tastes

Well structured, the Messaggioteca allows you to choose between different SMS templates for each of the categories present. These range from messages for updates on order status to those for the recovery of abandoned carts, from up-sell and cross-sell activities to loyalty programs, from internal communication to security alerts.

SMS designed for business

SMS boasts high open rates and the ability to reach out instant all phones, and not just smartphones. For this reason they are still widely used in all those situations where it is important to reach the recipient quickly and promptly certainty that the message will be read.

Copy, paste, send

Domitilla Cortelletti, Marketing Manager of Skebby.it
The Messaggioteca aims to be a useful tool for all those who use SMS to send messages of various kinds in the business sector. Once identified the most suitable text based on your objectives, in fact, just copy and paste it to be ready to send your messages. Through the Skebby platform it is then possible to send them in complete form autonomy, benefiting from advanced reporting and numerous additional features. Such as, for example, sender customization, sending single or multiple messages, notification of receipt and much more.

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