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Snapchat announces new features…

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Snapchat announces new features…

Snapchatrecently unveiled a range of new tools and featuresdesigned to enrich the user experience.

With the introduction of these new features, Snapchatters now have the opportunity to customize the app in unique waysturning friends and pets into the stars of their own memorable digital moments.

Snapchat’s new features

New features include:

Template for content creation. Templates were introduced to facilitate the creation of higher quality videos and Snaps. By accessing the Memories section or their gallery, users can now add a music track to their videos, making sharing with friends and family even quicker and easier.

Longer videos. Snapchat has responded to the needs of those who want to share longer content by allowing videos of up to three minutes to be created and uploaded for up to five minutes. These can be sent via chat or shared in Stories and Spotlight.

Instant Snaps. Easy access to the camera allows users to capture their favorite moments with immediacy and originality. Furthermore, for more sophisticated content, you can use advanced editing tools with a simple swipe gesture.

New AI lenses. Lenses, which have always been a fundamental element of the daily experience with the Snapchat Camera, are now enriched with new variants powered by artificial intelligence, which further expand users’ creative possibilities. One of the new AI Lenses allows you to immerse yourself in festive atmospheres with just one click, anticipating the arrival of new themes and styles in the months to come.

News also for Snapchat+ subscribers

For Snapchat+ subscribers, who already enjoy exclusive features, new additional features have been introduced:

Enhanced Friendship Profiles. User avatars can now appear next to their friends’ Bitmojis.

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Lavacow May 18, 2024 - 12:03 pm

Really excited to try out the new features! The lens filters seem like a lot of fun


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