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Some Android users can’t use Google Wallet for unknown reasons – Mobile Brand News

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Some Android users can’t use Google Wallet for unknown reasons – Mobile Brand News

It didn’t take long for the name to change? The Android system mobile payment platform originally called Google Pay was officially renamed Google Wallet in July this year. Recently, two months after the name change, some netizens began to report that their mobile phones suddenly failed to pass the security verification, resulting in the inability to use Google Wallet normally. .

Recently, a number of netizens using Android mobile phones said that their devices suddenly failed to pass the security inspection, causing Google Wallet to fail to work normally. Usually, such a situation occurs when unlocking the bootload or flashing the phone, but these users all said that they The mobile phone is the original factory software settings, and is not unlocked.

Some Android users are unable to use Google Wallet for unknown reasons

▲ Some Android phone users suddenly failed the security check and could not use Google Wallet.

While users with Samsung phones cannot use Google Wallet, Samsung Pay works fine. Google currently uses an API called SafetyNet to verify the safety of Android devices. Only when the verification is passed, services such as Google Wallet can be used normally. Google expects to replace SafetyNet with Play Integrity API in 2024.

Play Integrity gives developers more functions, but it may also be the culprit of this incident, because Google switched the security mechanism of Google Wallet to Play Integrity in advance. Perhaps because of this, the current SafetyNet cannot recognize Play Integrity, causing Google Wallet to appear abnormal Not available.

However, foreign media Android Police found that mobile phones still using the old version of Google Pay software will also have the same unexplained security authentication failure, making the situation difficult to understand. At present, no users in Taiwan have reported that there is a problem with Google Wallet, but before Google catches the problem and solves it, it is best to remember to bring a wallet when you go out!

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Citation: Android Police

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