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Sony Announces Launch Date for Firewall Ultra – Pre-Orders Now Open!

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Sony Announces Launch Date for Firewall Ultra – Pre-Orders Now Open!

Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) has announced that the highly anticipated online multiplayer first-person shooter game “Firewall Ultra” for PlayStation VR2 will be launching on August 24, 2023, at 11:00 pm (Taiwan time). Players can now pre-order the game on the PS Store.

The regular version of “Firewall Ultra” is priced at NT$1,190 and includes the full game. There is also a digital deluxe version available for NT$1,790, which offers additional content such as early unlocking of four mercenaries, unique weapon camouflages, and an action pass for future updates.

“Firewall Ultra” has received a lot of encouragement from the gaming community since it was announced on the PlayStation Blog last year. The positive feedback has motivated the developers to make the game the best it can be. To give players a taste of what’s to come, a new trailer featuring PvP gameplay footage has been released.

The game takes full advantage of the next-gen VR capabilities of the PS VR2, providing an immersive and engaging first-person shooter experience. Innovative features such as eye tracking are utilized, allowing players to close their eyes to avoid the impact of flashbangs. The haptic feedback of the PlayStation VR2 Sense controller provides realistic weapon feedback, and the headset provides feedback when taking damage or switching night vision goggles.

“Firewall Ultra” will continue to receive post-launch support and updates, including new weapons, mercenaries, maps, game modes, and manual reloading functions. Players can expect exciting new content even after the game’s release.

In addition to the enhanced gameplay features, “Firewall Ultra” offers access to unique weapon styles for the first time. These unique weapons come pre-loaded with great accessories and have their own distinctive styling. The Legendary version of the weapons even has a completely different look.

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The game’s infrastructure has been revamped to provide a better gameplay experience. This includes an immersive social lobby area and shooting range in the Hideout, dedicated servers to minimize network interruptions, and a new best-of-three turn-based PvP mode that reduces waiting time and extends playtime.

“Firewall Ultra” features a main PvP game mode called Contract Battles, where two four-player squads compete against each other in a series of tactical battles across various maps. The defending team must protect a laptop full of classified information, while the attacking team tries to hack the laptop by bypassing the secure access point. The game mode requires teamwork, strategy, and quick thinking.

Powered by Unreal Engine 5, “Firewall Ultra” delivers amazing tension, immersion, and visual fidelity in real time with dynamic lighting and realistic shadows. The game also introduces a new Player Versus Environment (PvE) mode, where players can fight against deadly enemy AI alone or with up to three other mercenaries.

The use of eye-tracking technology enhances the gameplay experience by allowing players to close their eyes to avoid flashlights and improve accuracy when aiming through a gun scope. The PlayStation VR2 Sense controller’s finger touch detection and adaptive triggers provide a realistic and immersive feel to each weapon.

Players can easily join friends in the game using the PlayStation 5’s Game Base tab. Load times are fast, reducing lag and allowing for seamless multiplayer experiences.

Pre-orders for “Firewall Ultra” are now available, and those who pre-order will receive the legendary weapon, the Reaper X75. The Digital Deluxe Edition includes additional content such as early access to mercenaries, weapon camouflages, and an Action Pass for future updates.

“Firewall Ultra” is set to launch exclusively on PS VR2 on August 24th. Get ready to team up and experience the immersive and thrilling world of “Firewall Ultra”.

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