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Sony Hong Kong Launches E-sports Display with Stylish Design and High-Speed ​​Enjoyment- ezone.hk – Tech Focus – Computer

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Sony Hong Kong Launches E-sports Display with Stylish Design and High-Speed ​​Enjoyment- ezone.hk – Tech Focus – Computer

Sony officially brought the e-sports brand INZONE to Hong Kong. M9 HDR and M3 are two monitors specially designed for gamers. They are equipped with professional-grade display panels and unique game-style designs. I believe they will attract many gamers. look.

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The two new products released this time are based on the INZONE M9 HDR Gaming Display as the flagship model. It uses a 27″ 4K high-contrast panel, supports full array dimming, and has obtained Display HDR 600 certification, which can support 95% DCI-P3 The color gamut allows players to have a better experience in games with deep black and high brightness details. In terms of other specifications, although its IPS panel only supports 144Hz refresh rate, it can provide 1ms GtG response time, which can meet high-speed games The screen is required, and it can correspond to NVIDIA G-SYNC Compatible and VRR synchronization technology, which can effectively prevent screen tearing.

As for another INZONE M3 gaming display, it is a speed-oriented display. Its 27″ full HD panel can provide 240Hz refresh rate and 1ms GtG response time. It also has variable refresh rate technology and is compatible with NVIDIA G-SYNC Compatible4 and VRR. In terms of color gamut, it supports 99% sRGB and Display HDR400 certification, which can bring quite impressive picture effects.

The appearance of the INZONE M9 and M3 launched this time is similar. The body is equipped with a unique tripod stand, which allows users to make the most of the desktop space. At the same time, players can adjust the height and inclination through its ergonomic stand to achieve the most comfortable viewing angle, and as an e-sports product, it comes with a variety of backlight color options. In addition, it has a built-in KVM function. Users can connect peripheral devices such as mouse and keyboard to the monitor, and connect two computers to switch to operate different computers with the same control device at any time. It is very convenient for users of Notebook + PC .

The INZONE M9 launched this time is the best partner of the PS5. It supports the Auto HDR Tone Mapping function, which can automatically identify the display and optimize the HDR settings when the PS5 is connected. If the user is watching a movie on PS5, this machine will automatically switch to movie mode, and it will automatically switch to game mode when playing games.

Price: $7,999 (INZONE M9) / $4,999 (INZONE M3)

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