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Soundcore Motion Boom Plus buy cheap from 130€ (03/2023)

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Soundcore Motion Boom Plus buy cheap from 130€ (03/2023)

Now the successor to the popular Motion Boom, namely the Soundcore Motion Boom Plus presented. This one comes with me 80W around the corner what is coming out four drivers put together The speaker is as Power bank can be used and thanks to the app, via “Party Cast” even pair with other Soundcore models. 🥳

best price! The Soundcore Motion Boom Plus is available from Amazon.de for only 129,99 € in the spring offers.

Spring is here and summer is just around the corner. The Soundcore Motion Boom was already a hit and was able to convince us, but now the next mess is coming, the Soundcore Motion Boom Plus with even more power and oomph. You can get hold of them from a price of 129,99€ on Amazon.de

Soundcore Motion Boom Plus IP67 protected

Comparison of technical data of the Motion Boom & Motion Boom Plus

Motion Boom Plus Motion Boom
driver 2 x 30W woofers / 2 x 10W tweeters 2 x 15 Watt
frequency range 60 Hz – 20 kHz
connectivity 3,5 mm Klinke, USB-C, USB-A als Powerbank USB-A: 5 watt output USB-C: (input only)
battery capacity 13.400 mAh 20 h 10,000mAh 24 hours
Weight not yet known 1,5kg
Dimensions not yet known 346 x 148 x 200 mm
protection class IP67 IPX7
App and And
Bluetooth 5.3 5.0

Optics, design & IP67 certification

For the Weight and the dimensions Unfortunately, Anker has not yet commented, but I think it will be bigger and a little heavier than its predecessor. But the Motion Boom got a Facelift and becomes a bit more edgy. The The handle has been lengthened a bitin order to be able to wear them even better, and now she has the option of one carrying strap to fix.

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Soundcore Motion Boom Plus with carrying strap

thanks to the IP67 certification it is protected against dust and even against short-term immersion in water up to 1m depth for a whole 30 minutes. So it can be used everywhere and you don’t really have to worry if something gets on it. Perfect for a visit to the beach.

Soundcore Motion Boom Plus IP67 protected

Equipment & battery performance

The controls are on top like the predecessor. The connections are also located here at the back, below are located 3.5mm headphone jack, one USB-C ports to charge and a USB-A Port for use as a power bank.

Soundcore Motion Boom Plus rear connectors

The battery capacity is specified by Anker 13.400 mAh and a term up to 20 hours.

More power & features with the Soundcore Motion Boom Plus

Overall we have the same 4 built-in Titan audio driversdie mit je 2 x 30 Watt are responsible for the low and mid tones. In addition, there are still for the high tones 2 tweeters, each with 10 watts of power. So you put a decent shovel on top of that compared to the Motion Boom. This is where I think there will be a good competitor for the JBL Xtreme 3, as here, at least on paper, the hardware just gets a lot stronger.

Soundcore Motion Boom Plus 4 drivers with a total of 80 watts

The Motion Boom Plus delivers the latest standard with the Bluetooth 5.3 Connection. Also, the box is in the Soundcore App integrated and thus gets a few more features than a “normal” Bluetooth speaker. It is possible by Equalizer adjust his taste or by pressing the “BassUP” Button on the device to boost the bass properly.

Soundcore Motion Boom Plus App usability

What’s really cool is that you can’t just pair the Motion Boom Plus with another one. No, through the APP it is possible via „Party Cast“ up to 100 compatibles Connect Soundcore devices together. So e.g. B. also the Motion Boom with the Motion Boom Plus etc., I find that very interesting. Extremely practical, especially if you already have a Bluetooth speaker from the manufacturer at home.

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Soundcore Motion Boom Plus also pairs with other Soundcore devices

Test reports / experiences / opinions

The Soundcore Motion Boom was already able to convince us in the test with good bass and loud playback, but had a deficit in the mids and highs, which could be compensated for in the app using the equalizer.

With the Soundcore Motion Boom Pluswe get more efficient and hopefully also a better adapted sound.

The Comparison with the JBL Xtreme 3 stands to reason, a test will show whether the Soundcore Motion Boom can outshine it. In terms of price, the Boom Plus is also cheaper, with around 180€.

There is definitely potentialto make other loudspeakers in the price and performance class look old.

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