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Splatoon 3 Raiders|Recommended Battle Weapons Wiper Knife, Three-shot Fishing Bow

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Splatoon 3 Raiders|Recommended Battle Weapons Wiper Knife, Three-shot Fishing Bow

Splatoon 3 Splatoon 3 Raiders Powerful Weapons Recommended Battles Are More Handy|One of the most anticipated masterpiece games “Splatoon 3” in the second half of 2022 is finally launched, the following is the game strategy of “Hong Kong 01” Technology Toys Channel , Introduce the powerful weapons in the game, and give priority to unlocking powerful weapons to make the process more orderly and the battle more unfavorable.

How to unlock weapons

New weapons can be unlocked by using weapon coupons in the weapon store. Weapon coupons can be obtained by improving weapon proficiency and player level, and most weapons can only be unlocked after players reach a specified level. In short, keep playing. In addition, if there is a save of “Splatoon 2” on the host, you can get a special code in Splatoon 3, and you can have 3 “Golden Weapon Exchange Tickets” that directly unlock weapons regardless of level.

Most weapons need to be leveled to unlock, everyone work hard

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Strong weapon recommendation

1. Professional model gun MG

One of the traditional weapons in the series, a very friendly weapon for novices, it has a very high rate of fire and a large spread, so that even players with poor shooting skills can cause a certain degree of damage to the enemy; and the rate of fire The characteristics of fastness and diffusion make players lose when fighting guns, and can also leave more spraying range, and can quickly spread the ground in situations other than guns (after all, Splatoon’s battle against people is ultimately based on the share of spraying) to decide the winner). It is an all-round weapon suitable for both beginners and veterans. If you are a player who has just joined Splatoon, it is the right choice to start with.

Newbie Friends Professional Model Gun MG

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2. Top Shooting Gun

One of the traditional weapons in the series, and it is also a popular choice for many players. Its excellent performance is familiar to old players. It has a very comprehensive performance, regardless of its range, power, and spray performance, it has a medium-to-high level, and its ink consumption is also low; although it does not have an overwhelming advantage in some occasions like some specialized weapons, it is relatively There are no dead ends, as long as you use it well, you can face any environment and scene.

Versatile and easy to use top shooting gun

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3. Three-shot fishing bow

A new weapon with good performance that can be unlocked at a very low level, but the disadvantage is that it is more difficult to use. The ordinary shooting range of the three-shot bow is good, and the three-shot horizontal shooting method is easy to hit the opponent, and the power is not low. Charged shooting can focus three arrows to shoot at one point, and at the same time leave a delayed explosive bomb at the hit point; while a fully charged arrow hits the enemy with one-shot kill power. The disadvantage is that the amount of ink is high and it is difficult to create a barrage for a long time, and it will not leave ink near itself when shooting, making it difficult for players to sneak away immediately when needed. It is a weapon that needs to accurately grasp the distance from the enemy.

The new weapon bow has excellent performance, but it is also more difficult to use

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4. Hokusai

One of the melee weapons, although the damage to people is not high, it has a very wide attack range and powerful spraying ability; after all, Splatoon’s opponent battle is ultimately determined by the share of spraying, and killing the enemy is only to increase the spraying range. means rather than ends. When using Hokusai, you should make more use of its powerful spraying ability to actively increase the land occupation rate, and attack the enemy when he is blocking, rather than aggressively rushing to slash the enemy.

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5. Pen wash bucket

Although the range is short, in exchange for a large range and extremely high attack power, it can kill the enemy with 2 shots. It is a killer weapon in close combat. Compared with Hokusai, when using it, players may want to use it more actively to kill enemies, after all, as long as it enters the distance, there are almost no opponents.

6. Wiper blade

Although it looks like a melee weapon, the attack method is to release a knife wave, and the range is good enough to be used as a medium and short-range shooting weapon. It is not easy to use, but it will be very strong when used; the blade wave is fast and leaves ink in the forward path, allowing players to quickly approach the enemy by diving, and the charged attack has the power to knock down the enemy with one blow. Depending on the situation of the battle, you can use the basic attack knife wave while swimming and spraying, or you can actively sneak to search for the enemy and then use the charged attack to pursue the one shot to knock down the opponent. If you use it well, it is a weapon with a very high ceiling.

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