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Spotify Offline Mix, the function for when there is no connection …

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Spotify Offline Mix, the function for when there is no connection …

Spotify is experimenting with a new option that might make it easier continuous listening when you don’t have an internet connection: “Your Offline Mix“. The playlist would download automatically “a mix of your recent songs for when your mood is high, but your connection is low”, as seen in one screenshot shared by Spotify CEO Daniel Ek showing a thirty minute playlist with three songs. Ek did not reveal when the feature may be available to more users. But it seems close.

Spotify Offline Mix, the new function for when there is no connection

The audio streaming app already allows users to download playlists or albums for offline listening. A useful function to save data when you are not connected to Wi-Fi or when you are completely without an Internet connection. Maybe while traveling by plane or subway. But it can be a tedious manual process choosing which music to download. The offline mix, on the other hand, is automatic and very convenient.

The function looks similar to Offline Mixtape di YouTube Music. And it seems that Spotify would be working on it at least the middle of 2020, as revealed by the researcher app Jane Manchun Wong.

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Your offline mix could be one very useful feature when it will be available. In the meantime, if you don’t know which playlists to download to listen to music without a connection, it is better to download the playlist “Your Top Songs” that Spotify of the past year. It may not have the latest favorite songs, but it may make you happy when there is no connection.

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