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“Square wave” images are absurd, which is why you should avoid them

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“Square wave” images are absurd, which is why you should avoid them

After discovering that there are waves on Jupiter too, this time we try to learn more about a fascinating but terribly dangerous natural phenomenon: square waves!

Come osserva la National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, “Waves are created by energy passing through water, making it move in a circular motion. However, water doesn’t actually travel in the form of waves“. How can square waves arise then?

The wind is the main culprit of the creation of ocean waves, which must not, however, be confused with others that are much more well-known and frightening

In fact, there are different types of waves: created by earthquakes, hurricanes, landslides and volcanic eruptions or “simply” by the wind. This is in fact the case with ocean waves. Generally they run parallel to the shore, but sometimes, there can be a truly peculiar phenomenon.

It occurs when opposing waves collide. In particular, when the winds of two weather systems meetthe waves of the more recently formed weather system run at an oblique angle to the “old” weather system, whose waves continue along the same direction despite the wind shift.

Although it may be complex to understand, the spectacular result that you can observe at the following link resembles one quilt-like pattern of squares on the surface of the ocean, with the waves moving in a grid pattern. But where is it possible to observe this rare natural phenomenon?

Typically these waves occur along coastal areas. However, there are places where it is possible to observe them more frequently. Along the western coast of France for example, the particular geology of the island of Rhé makes it the ideal place for these waves.

After seeing Italy’s studies on the highest waves in the Mediterranean, the French site it has become a tourist attraction which every year brings thousands of people to the island’s lighthouse to observe the phenomenon… from a safe distance.

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We must not forget the extreme danger of such waves. With a “square” sea, the water becomes terribly difficult to navigate. All this is due to the terrible currents that are generated, together with the waves that they can reach almost 3 meters in heightwhich is more than enough height to submerge a large boat.

Finally, scientists give us one last curiosity. They claim that crossed seas are a clear example of the equation Kadomstev-Petviashvili in action. The formula describes nonlinear wave motion and is often used to explain how different weather systems interact with each other.

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