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Statistics of the week: German start-ups are digital and male

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Statistics of the week: German start-ups are digital and male

According to the “Federal Association of German Startups”, there were around 2,500 start-ups in Germany in 2023. Large cities in particular are incubators for new business ideas – especially Berlin, where around a quarter of the young companies recorded in the German Startup Monitor 2023 are based.


As the Statista graphic shows based on the industry distribution, the start-ups are represented in a wide variety of economic sectors. Information and communication technology is dominant, with a share of 31.9 percent of start-ups. The second largest start-up industry in 2023 will be healthcare (9.2 percent), followed by food and consumer goods (8.6 percent)

(Image: Statista)

The companies’ business models are predominantly digital. For example, 33.4 percent rely on Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), 12.8 percent offer an online platform and 9.4 percent work in the area of ​​software development. Around a fifth of all start-ups are active in the area of ​​technology development. This sector is of particular importance for Germany as an industrial location, as technology transfer from science to business often occurs here. Analogue business models, however, are becoming less important for new start-ups – only around eight percent of all start-ups are active in stationary retail or offer analogue services.




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A look at the gender distribution of companies also shows that the proportion of female founders has grown steadily in recent years – but it has stagnated compared to the previous year. In 2023, around one in five founders was a woman. However, the start-up landscape is still dominated by men. More than half of all start-ups are founded by all-male teams. Less than a third are made up of mixed teams (28.2 percent) and only one in ten teams are made up of women.


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