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Statistics of the week: Where sustainability can cost more

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Statistics of the week: Where sustainability can cost more

The Germans want to make sacrifices for more sustainability. At least that’s what a number of recent surveys say. For example, the industry association Bitkom asked online shoppers what they would do without for the sake of the environment. Longer delivery times would not be a problem for around 60 percent of those surveyed. More than half of consumers would also accept a minimum order value or quantity. Around 40 percent would also be willing to pay a surcharge for environmentally friendly packaging, as well as fees for climate-friendly shipping (36 percent).


What sacrifices would Germans make for sustainability?

(Image: Statista)

The Statista Consumer Insights approach is somewhat different. Their analysts asked whether consumers are willing to spend more on sustainable products. And at least 38 percent of the almost 1,000 respondents would spend more for more environmentally friendly food and beverages. The situation is similar for other supplies such as detergents, cleaning agents and cleaning products or cosmetics and body care.




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When it comes to clothing, too, sustainability is so important to almost a third of the participants that higher prices are accepted. But consumers don’t just see themselves as responsible, a YouGov survey shows. According to this, at least 70 percent see the federal government and large companies as responsible.


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