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Steam Deck like the Game Boy Color: here comes the transparent mod!

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Steam Deck like the Game Boy Color: here comes the transparent mod!

By now Steam Deck has more than a year on its shoulders: Valve’s small portable, in fact, was launched in March 2022, enjoying great success with the public. Today, however, a finally arrives on the market essential accessory for your Steam Deckwhich helps to give it a retro touch.

The accessory manufacturer JSAUX has in fact confirmed to the microphones of Overkill.wtf that it has made some transparent front and back chassis for Steam Deck, which are already on the market or will be on the market in a few weeks. Specifically, the rear chassis of the Valve laptop is already on sale for just $30, while the front one will be launched soon.

In parallel, eXtremeRate announced on Twitter that it plans to release several chassis colorati per Steam Deck, with colors such as white, black, red and purple, but also with textures similar to wood or metal. The latter are then joined by three semi-transparent versions, respectively with colors tending towards white, dark gray and violet.

It is precisely the latter inspired by the iconic Game Boy Atomic Purple, which was equipped with a semi-transparent purplish plastic body and which was launched back in 1998 by Nintendo. In short, if you are a fan of PC gaming as much as the Big N, or if you simply want to give it a touch back to your portable console, the products of JSAUX and eXtremeRate could be for you.

Of course, the other “added value” of semi-transparent chassis is that they allow you to take a look at the components of your Steam Deck, admiring the technological prodigy accomplished by Valve with its next generation console. Finally, we remind you that to install these mod you will have to remove the “standard” body of the Steam Deck: this is not an impossible operation, but you will certainly be required to have some expertise in disassembling and reassembling the console.

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